New to running and losing steam? Don't give up now!

New Year’s resolutions can sometimes fall by the wayside when things get tough. If your plan was to start running or return to running but you’ve already found it difficult to keep going, look no further than this article!

New to running and losing steam? Don't give up now!

Here are five ways to make sure the word ‘quit’ does not enter your lexicon.

Don’t run alone

If you’ve spent the first week of this shiny New Year plodding the streets by yourself, it’s only natural that you might be finding it a struggle. The answer is to get some company! One of the best ways to find like-minded souls to run with is to pitch up at your local parkrun on Saturday.

We bet our running shoes that you will find loads of other people in exactly the same boat, especially at this time of year. Getting to know other runners who are also just starting out will let you know you’re not alone, it’s hard for everyone and together you will find it easier. For more tips read The benefits of running with a buddy

Join a club

In the same way finding some other newcomers at parkrun will give you a motivational boost, joining a running club will do the same. At this time of year, some clubs even hold specific learn to run groups. If you can find one of these, you’ll be getting advice from experienced group leaders and you’ll be learning alongside other new runners who also need that help.

Focus on an achievable goal

Don’t look at the long-limbed runners who seem to skim across the ground at the speed of a cheetah. Focus on a small, attainable target that could be a week, maybe a month away. It could be progressing from running for three minutes and walking for one to running for five minute-periods.

It could be two laps of the block instead of one. Mark in the calendar when you will make an attempt at that goal and work gradually towards it. Measure your progression, then set another goal, don’t worry about how hard it feels now.

Think about why you started

What made you choose running as your new year resolution? Have you gained weight over the last year? Did you look at a photo of yourself taken a while ago and think ‘Oh dear, when did I get THAT big?’ Maybe you got out of breath playing with the kids. There was a reason you decided to start, and when it gets difficult, you should bring that reason to mind.

Set an example

Whether it’s your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling, offspring or friend. Someone you know and who cares about you will be impressed with what you are doing, especially when they start to see the changes in you. Those changes will take time, but you will never see them if you give up now.

Once your waistband shrinks, your face shape changes and your mood is upbeat more often than not, they will notice, and they will admire you for what you’re doing. Before long, what you’re doing will rub off on them, and someone else will be turned on to the amazing benefits of running!

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