6 awesome benefits of running in the cold

Brrrrr, it's freezing! The winter chill has arrived and we know how tempting it can be to stay tucked up in a warm, cosy bed.

6 awesome benefits of running in the cold

But we're not going to let you do that! Think of us as your nice, friendly motivator... who will use a giant megaphone to scream in your ear if you don't get running.

With a little help from our running friends at ASICS we've come up six awesome reasons why you should brave the cold for a winter run.

1. You'll boost your calorie burn

Running incinerates calories, which means more delicious winter food! Some studies also suggest that the cold weather boosts calorie burn even further as your body expends more fuel to keep you warm. Enjoy those mince pies.

2. A mug of hot chocolate tastes SO much better

Run a hot bath and make a steaming mug of hot chocolate. You're only allowed them once you've run your usual route. The quicker you run, the warmer they'll be! Trust us, this WILL be the best hot chocolate you've ever tasted. It's also a great way to warm up, ASICS Expert, Andrew Tew advises drinking something hot post run to boost your core temperature.

3. More layers = more kit

Need an excuse to buy more awesome running gear? This is it! There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong kit. So, we're giving you the green light to go out and buy some warming, winter running wear... it's okay, you need it. Andrew recommends adding an extra layer for every 5 degree drop in temperature.

4. You'll run faster

Although it might be harder to get started, once you are up and running a cold day is actually optimal running weather. One study reported that athletes exercising in 2°C took 30 per cent longer to tire than those exercising in 20°C. Plus there is the added motivation of running faster to get back in the warm. Just make sure you warm up properly with some easy jogging or walking before you start to increase your pace.

5. The roads will be less crowded

Remember how packed the park was in the middle of summer? Where are all those runners now? They obviously don't have us to keep them motivated! Enjoy owning the paths and roads and dance if you want to, no one is watching.

6. You'll feel like a bad-ass!

Need some confirmation that you're as tough as they come? This is it! Go for that run and you win this round. Well done - you've made it. You're officially a running hero.

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