6 picture books for active kids

Encourage your children to embrace fitness with our lowdown of the latest picture books for active kids.

6 picture books for active kids

Ready Steady Mo - Kes Gray and Marta Kissi

Kes Gray and Marta Kisi have created an action-packed, colourful page turner that will leave your kids raring to run. The story of the legendary Mo Farah, with engaging illustrations and heaps of encouragement, your kids are bound to be inspired. Ready Steady Mo is brimming with energy and they won't want to put it down. Buy now

Wing Jones - Katherine Webber

When tragedy strikes, Wing Jones discovers a talent for running she never knew she had. Katherine Webber presents young readers the power and hope that running can bring, helping to inspire the next generation of runners to lace up and head straight for their dreams. Buy now

Yoga Babies - Fearne Cotton

Mum of two Fearne Cotton and illustrator Sheena Dempsey take you and your baby on a guided yoga journey. Follow a group of young yogis as they have fun trying new poses that you and your baby can do at home, helping each of you to relax, unwind and even set your little one off to sleep. Buy now

Marathon Mouse - Amy Dixon

See your kid's inspiration soar with the adventures of Preston, the marathon mouse. Despite assurance that mice can't run marathons, Preston is undeterred and works hard to fulfil his dream of one day running 26.2 miles. We follow this brave mouse's journey towards the finish line of the New York City Marathon, with his tale showing that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. Buy now

Yoga For You: Feel Calmer, Stronger, Calmer - Rebecca Risman

Yoga for You is a great read for encouraging the younger generation to connect fitness with strength, confidence and brain power. Full sequences of yoga are shown together with an illustration for each pose, helping your child or young teen to keep fit, improve their posture and relax. Buy now

How can you dance? - Rick Walton

From dancing to skipping or standing tall like a tree, How can you dance? is guaranteed to keep children active with playful rhymes and illustrations. Every page features a different dance or movement based on either animals or nature ready for your kids to follow. Buy now

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