Bug Loves... springtime, marathon season and peanut butter power!

From inspirational athletes to diet tricks, every fortnight The Running Bug team bring you our 5 top picks in the world of running fitness. This week we're going crazy about peanut butter power, the official start of springtime and the 12 marathon challenge.

Bug Loves... springtime, marathon season and peanut butter power!

5. Springtime is officially here! 

Marathon season looms, the daffodils are out in full force and the clocks are set to change this Sunday. To signal the start of our favourite time of year, we bring you the essential spring running kit! 

4. Get your rocks off

You may have mastered a few 10Ks, or perhaps you’re the top dog at your local parkrun, but there are times when sprinkling a few skills from other sports can really help your running performance. We gave rock climbing a try and found some amazing benefits!

3. 12 marathons in 12 months!

Need a little motivation to get out the door? Step in Helen Bly, the mum who lost an incredible five stone and then decided to run 12 marathons in a year for charity. Prepare to be inspired!

2. Bye bye bingo wings

Spring is in the air and sleeves are getting shorter, suddenly revealing upper arm flesh. Wave goodbye to bingo wings and bare your arms with pride thanks to our upper body workout.

1. Peanut butter power

Bored of the same old run snacks? Packed with protein, potassium and super powers, if you need any more excuses to eat this delicious teatime favourite, look no further.

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