City challenge: the man who ran every street in London

In the mood for a challenge? Costin Boldisor decided to make up his own, so he ran down every single street in central London.

City challenge:  the man who ran every street in London

Tempted to push yourself to new extremes? 32-year-old IT engineer Costin Boldisor was keen to do just that, so he started mapping his running routes around London.

Before long Costin’s weekly runs became a fully-fledged challenge, and by the end of 2016 he managed to run every single street in central London.

‘I started this challenge because I wanted to make sure that I would continue running regularly,’ Costin told The Running Bug. ‘I wanted to explore new routes and to see some new streets, so why not see all the streets in the city?! So, that’s exactly what I did in 2016.’ 

Route mapping

Running a total of 2084K, Costin tracked his routes using apps. ‘I started completing all the streets in the city. In the end, I created an app on my own, so I could find places I didn’t know. I completed the challenge and I’m now creating an app linked to that so others can complete similar challenges.

'The app collects and coordinates using map data to give you a point to go through to complete a street. I ran about 125 routes in total and I have a map that shows the combined routes, spanning the streets of London.’

Initially he planned to run zone 1, but this soon developed into a citywide run.

‘I noticed that there are a lot of areas that I wanted to see outside of zone 1, so I visited zone 2,' he says. 'I also wanted to complete the boroughs of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.’

Running approximately 30 miles a week, by the end of 2016 Costin successfully ran down every street in central London. ‘I know London well now, but I’m not sure if I could become taxi driver as I’m not sure on the one-way streets. I could be a great tour guide though!’ he says.


Costin's self-set challenge was not without obstacles. ‘The main problem is that you can’t always plot every street in the city, as the GPS signal failure or construction means the street can be closed and some streets may also be gated,’ he explains.

But on the plus side, Costin pushed himself to run further than he ordinarily would. ‘This challenge meant I would run more than I was planning,’ he says.

‘I was going for a run around the silicon roundabout for example, I wanted to run 8 miles but I ended up running 15, without really noticing! That was my discovery, it is easier to keep going if you have this game that you are playing. It means you can stick to your running New Year’s resolutions!’

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