How running can change your life

Running may start out as just a hobby or a way to get fitter, but it can also completely transform your life...

How running can change your life

If you've read this far, chances are you already understand why running can be life changing and you want a piece of the pie for yourself.

Running isn't just about health or weight loss. It’s the friendships we build, being part of something bigger, the supportive community, the thrill of race day, the highs and lows of training, the body benefits and THAT feeling; that dizzying high that, unlike gorging on cheesecake, is actually good for you.

Running isn't just a sport, it's a movement and if you embrace the whole package it will change your life.

Adjust your outlook

If you ever find yourself dreading the moment you have to run, before stuffing your feet in your running shoes and dragging your heavy legs out the door it’s time to take a step back and think about why you’re doing it in the first place.

Remember what you’re trying to achieve and think about how far you’ve come. Even if it’s your very first run, at least you’re not still sitting on the sofa stuffing your face with junk food.

Be a part of something bigger

Being a member of The Running Bug community is more than just a place to post pictures of your food (although we do love food!) It’s a support network to share in your achievements and keep you motivated when things start to get tough.

As a community, this is what we stand for:

  • Fitness for everyone, whatever their background, ability or location.
  • Believing that every mile is an achievement, no matter how long it takes.
  • Running to be happy, healthy and the best version of yourself.
  • Helping others to do the same with support and encouragement.
  • Log your miles, let others give you feedback and a helping hand when you need it and comment on someone else’s runs to give them a boost when you can.

Together we’re much more likely to maintain the kind of lifestyle that we set out to achieve.

What the Bugs say!

Some of our active Bug members have some great things to say about how running changed their lives:

'I started running again after having my second child. I couldn't manage to loose any more weight from diet alone. I didn't and don't have time to go to the gym. I go running as soon as my husband gets home from work. I lost all the weight I wanted to and my body has changed shape like I never thought it would again, I feel great! I've really got the bug, when I started back last August I could barely run 2k now I'm up to 10k 3 times a week and about to register for my first half marthon in October eeeek!' RachBlur 

'I'd always tried to keep fit but suffered from illness for years on and off. After months of not able to do any exercise at all following major surgery, I felt fat, flabby and useless. I joined a ladies gym but as I got fitter the gentle gym programme wasn't challenging enough for me! I started running with a group of friends and loved it. Sadly we gave up running after a while for various reasons. This year I started running again, this time with a running group following a beginners programme. I like being outside and I enjoy running with a group. Just getting out the front door for a run is real stress buster for me after a busy day.' Denise 

'I started running 34yrs ago and when life is getting to much just putting my shoes on and out the door has kept me sane.Doing run's and beating your time with a PB is best filling in the world.Talking to other runner's like on bug miles is great too.' Marlene Chapman 

'I would say that running has dramatically changed my life! After finishing university 5 years ago, I was lazy and fat, and I stayed that way until 1.5 yrs ago. My friend suggested I joined a Santa Fun Run and I laughed at her. After a couch to 5k, I was hooked. Since then I have done 2 10k races, a half-marathon and the London Marathon. I run 3 x a week and have already signed up to another half and entered the ballet for 2018 London Marathon. I'm planning to do Bournemouth Marathon next year too. I have lost 4.5 stone - so almost 30kg.' Jake Potter

Spread the word

In a time when desk bound lifestyles are the norm and obesity levels in the UK are among the worst in Europe (only Iceland and Malta have higher) we’re trying to get people active again, by motivating, supporting, and encouraging each other – that has got to be worth shouting about.

Share this article with your friends, suggest going for a run with the ones who might benefit and help them get into health and fitness – which is exactly how the bug started (and one co-founder kicked a 20 a day smoking habit, too!)

But most importantly, don't forget to have fun. We're not professional athletes, we're just people trying to be healthy, happy and make the best of life, and running is the perfect place to start.

Share your goals and start changing your life now

Use the feed to tell us what you will do today, this week, this month or this year to start changing your life through running.

It can be anything from running to the end of your road, eating healthier this week, completing a 5K, a 10K or even a marathon. No goal is too small or ever considered insignificant – just getting out there is an achievement in our eyes. You're one of us now! And runners stick together.

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