How to beat post-race blues

Earned your medal, but now feeling a bit, well… flat? Here’s how to avoid the blues once you’ve crossed that finish line.

How to beat post-race blues


Give yourself a break

Feeling low after achieving a goal can take you by surprise, but it actually affects a lot of runners. After all, if you’ve just completed a long race, such as a half or full marathon, you will likely have dedicated the last four months of your life to it, so it’s no wonder you might feel a little deflated when it’s over. Accepting that a short period of the blues is natural will help it dissipate far more quickly.

Enter another race

Don’t wait until after your race is done and dusted to fill out that online entry form so get searching for your next event today! Having a goal to work towards is hugely motivating, so by having your next race already lined up, you will skip the void that can often occur after crossing the finish line.

Try something new

To mix things up and stop your training going stale, try an event that’s different to your last. Just completed a marathon? Why not aim for a new 10K PB? Or find a scenic trail race, for less of the pressure but all of the fun. Entering an event that's a far cry from the one you’ve just spent months preparing for will shake things up for your fitness, too.

Treat yourself

Having a post-race massage, a slap-up meal with friends or even buying yourself some great new running kit is the perfect way to reward yourself for those months of hard work and dedication. You have achieved something great, you’ve earned this!

Join a running club

If you’ve spent a lot of time training alone, joining a local running club can be a breath of fresh air and the perfect way to motivate you to keep running. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to make some new friends; friends who will not get bored to death by your running chat and will actively want to hear (and share) running and race stories!


You’ve potentially spent months working towards a goal, which takes determination, perseverance and guts. So, once you’ve got your race bling deservedly hung around your neck, take the time to appreciate and celebrate that fact. Wear your medal with pride and shout about your achievements. Only you know how much has gone into this, so trust us, you’ve earned some bragging rights.

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