'I'm on a year long run streak to raise funds for charity!'

Meet run-streaker Keith Trivett and prepare to be inspired...

'I'm on a year long run streak to raise funds for charity!'
My name is Keith Trivett, I'm 54 and an industrial electrician. After reading about Ron Hill and following his run streak It was one thing I thought I may be able to do for a short period. 

Run streak 

Last September I decided I would attempt to do the October Ron Hill Challenge. It follows the standard run streak rules of a minimum of a mile every day for the entire month of October.
Because of my shift pattern I decided to try to do a week which would include my weekend where I work 12 hour shifts as a tester, then have a few days off ready to start the streak. I started on the 17 September and enjoyed it so much that I didn't stop...


So far the run streak is going OK. I've had a few problems along the way with minor injuries but have managed to maintain the streak while recovering. My current challenge is a sore Achillies which is proving difficult to get to calm down.
My worst time so far was having an allergic reaction to an insect bite, the symptoms were worse than flu and it lasted seven days and it was the real low part of my streak.
My personal distance target each week is 65K, but this has to change depending on the condition of my legs, planned races and time available. Once I get to one year my next goal will be two years. I try to run 65K a week but has nothing to do with the streak, the streak miles are not important.
I tend to prefer to run alone but run with my wife and when time our local running club Stoke FIT. The support from my friends on The Running Bug has been invaluable. The support keeps you going and you always get great advice on whatever you need. The bug is always supportive!
To follow Keith's journey, you can find him here on The Running Bug!
Keith is raising funds for Alzheimer's research UK, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/keith-trivett for details.

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