Parkrun Together Month

Bring your friends along to your favourite Saturday morning 5K run this September and celebrate parkrun Together Month!

Parkrun Together Month

This September parkun and Leeds Building Society are launching an initiative to get more local communities running together, and they need your help!

Their community initiative hopes to inspire people to get to know their neighbours, and what better way to do this than to go for a run at one of the hundreds of free local parkrun events across the country?

To support your local community, Leeds Building Society and parkrun are urging existing parkrunners to encourage friends, family and neighbours to join the parkrun movement this September, so sign up and get running together!

Community in action 

Recent research commissioned by parkrun partners Leeds Building Society shows a nationwide deterioration in community relations. People across the UK are increasingly concerned about a lack of opportunities to meet their neighbours, with busy modern lives making it difficult to make local connections.

The study of more than 2,000 nationally representative adults showed that 43 per cent of people in the UK felt there weren’t many occasions where they could meet local people, with 25 per cent not feeling close to anyone at all in their community.

The good news is research amongst those involved in parkrun said they chatted to someone new from their community more than once a week. There are now free weekly running events in countries all over the world. As well as providing a great training opportunity, taking part in your local parkun is also an excellent way to get to know your neighbours.

Join the parkrun movement 

To be a part of parkrun Together Month simply bring a friend along to a parkrun event near you this September and run, walk or volunteer together. Just make sure you all register online and bring your barcode, and you’re good to go!

For more information or to find your local parkrun, visit  

New to parkrun? For tips on getting the best out of your run, click here!

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