Sexercise: 5 sex moves to make you a better runner

We all know runners make better lovers, but can sex improve your running? It's time to get physical! Incorporate these 5 moves into your bedroom routine and transform your fitness.

Sexercise: 5 sex moves to make you a better runner

Hill repeats will get you fit, but for even the most ardent fitness enthusiast running up and down inclines can start to get boring after a while. Surely there's a better way to maintain fitness and still enjoy the finer things in life?

Here at The Running Bug HQ we've extolled the healthy virtues of every sin under the sun from drinking gin to Vaginal Kung-Fu. The only taboo subject left unexplored is sexercise! You heard it right Bugs, it's time to get physical...

Feel the burn

Getting sweaty in the bedroom is the perfect way to burn calories while strengthening and toning various body parts in the process. Research has also shown that a healthy sex life improves stress levels, lowers blood pressure and even boosts immunity.

But good old missionary will only take you so far. Lying flat on your back you will burn around 40 calories for a 15-minute plain vanilla session. Boost that to around 80 calories per 15 minutes with more demanding positions, and a 60-minute session could see you burning up to 300 calories! 

Try out some of these more advanced sexual fitness positions and see what they can do for you. You and your partner will have to be fairly fit, strong and flexible to hold these positions, but the more you experiment the stronger and fitter you’ll get - and the more sexy fun you'll have.

And if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll probably both end up crying with laughter by the end (which is also good for your body!) A great way to enjoy a workout as well as having fun and getting intimate with your partner. We've gone for the traditional approach, but if you're LGBT or anything else in between, you can mix up the sex moves to your heart's desire.

Stand up

Standing sex is great for legs and bums, as well as burning considerably more calories than lying down sex. 

Method: Stand up and, with the woman using a wall, bed, or chair for extra support, the man stands behind her and bingo! If there’s a significant height difference, the woman can stand on tiptoes (or spice it up with high heels). 

Run benefits: Time on your feet can reduce muscle tightness and improve strength and posture. Tight hip flexors are a key problem area for runners, as they can impact glute strength, the powerhouse behind any successful runner. Engaging your leg muscles during sexy time can help to maintain muscular endurance in the legs, glutes and core which all contributes to a strong and happy runner. 

The wheelbarrow

This slightly advanced sex move will take some practice, but once you've mastered the wheelbarrow your veg garden will grow!

Method: Facing the edge of the bed, the woman places her elbows on the bed with forearms forward. The man lifts and supports her at the hips and waist, controlling the movement as she holds a kind of sexy plank!

Run benefits: This one is seriously hard work for the woman, working upper arm and core strength, which all leads to a more efficient running stride. It’s also a good leg and core workout for the man, as he'll be supporting himself and his lady friend while they attempt to smash their PBs!

The lift

Ditch your gym pass and try some strength training at home with this seriously sexy weight lifting move.

Method: The woman straddles the man on the edge of the bed, wrapping her legs around his waist. He then stands up, completely supporting her while they go hell for leather. Resting against a wall makes it slightly easier.

Run benefits: This one is a real work out for the guy: engaging arms, legs and core muscles as he controls the movement. The woman can also benefit from core balance by tensing her lower stomach leg muscles. Strength training can dramatically improve endurance and help prevent injuries for runners.  

The bridge

One of the more advanced sex moves on the market, the bridge will leave you both deliriously sweaty and fit as a fiddle!

Method: The man lies on the floor and pushes up into a bridge position. The woman carefully manoeuvres herself so she is astride him, rocking back and forth

Run benefits: This sexy move is one that only the most flexible and fit should attempt, as it’s all too easy to damage something! Having said that it's a great full body workout for both the man and woman, focusing on the arms, legs, glutes and core. The woman will seriously work her calves, quads and glutes, all essential muscles for nailing those PBs in and out of the bedroom.

Combine these sexy moves with your running routine and you're guaranteed to ramp up your fitness! But even if you don't see any significant fitness increase, spending more time getting intimate in the bedroom with your loved one is never a bad thing... 

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