Is this the coolest running campaign ever?

Runners are a bold, eclectic mix of people who tend to be unfazed by things the general public might consider to be off-the-wall, and this awesome adidas advertising campaign captures it perfectly. Runners, Yeah We're Different...

Is this the coolest running campaign ever?

Runners eagerly get up early on a Saturday mornings to strain our way through parkrun, slather our armpits in Vaseline, put plasters on our nipples, and run 26.2 miles, just for fun... It's safe to say we're a little different!  

In 1999 sportswear giants adidas ran one of the most memorable running shoe ad campaigns yet, representing our running quirks in all their glory, and we wanted to share our appreciation. 


river-800.jpg (144245 bytes)

Credits to for the round up.


If you want to prolong the giggles (and who here doesn't) check out our 5 most awkward running situations. We can guarantee that you've been there too.

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