The latest fitness trend: BeerYoga

We’ve always been advised to opt out of mixing exercise and alcohol, but there’s a new fitness class that claims to inject a bit more spontaneity into getting fit with the added benefit of booze.

The latest fitness trend: BeerYoga

Yes, you heard it right. One of the latest trends to claim some room and bend right into the world of fitness enlists getting flexible as you focus your attention on beer.

 Imagery courtesy of BierYoga.

German yogis, passionate drinkers and masterminds behind BierYoga, Emily and Jhula, claim that the practice is quite simply a ‘marriage of two great loves.’

Created for individuals to reach their highest level of consciousness, the pair claim to have taken the philosophies of yoga and simultaneously paired these with the pleasure that comes with drinking a bottle of the good stuff. As you can see from Instagram, both the yoga and the beer have been going down well.

Already reaching across the pond and gaining followers in Asia, we won’t be surprised when this eccentric exercise sweeps into warrior one pose throughout the rest of the world. Heck, we'll be the first ones to sign up. Beer in hand, of course. 

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