Will Vaginal Kung-Fu make you a better runner?

In the wonderful world of fitness there are all manner of controversial workouts designed to get you breaking a sweat, but is vaginal weight lifting one step too far?

Will Vaginal Kung-Fu make you a better runner?

Introducing the latest trend to hit the world of strength training: vaginal weight-lifting. You're unlikely to find classes at your local gym, but the ancient Taoist practice, also known as Vaginal Kung-Fu, is set to take the Internet by storm. 

Holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami is on a one woman mission to encourage females all over the world to feel empowered by their lady gardens and take up this unique form of fitness. With 90k Instagram followers to her name, the craze definitely appears to be catching on.

What are the benefits?


Vaginal Kung-Fu is practiced by women looking to physically and emotionally reconnect with their vaginas, become more in tune with their sexual energy and regain control of their daily lives.

'Most women have numb, under-functioning vaginas', says Anami. She maintains this can negatively affect all areas of life, from careers to personal relationships. When women practice vaginal lifting, they become more in tune with not only their bodies, but their lives.

Better bladder control

There are numerous benefits to giving your genital muscles extra muscle. As a result of 'lifting', pelvic floor muscles become tightened which improves bladder control, a particular saving grace for ladies who have had children. Many women who lift also say that it makes for an easier childbirth and a speedier recovery. 

A natural lift

Lifting weights as an aesthetic venture is not uncommon either. As the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and pulled up it creates a natural visual 'lift', which in turn is said to create a more youthful appearance.

How do you lift weights with your vagina?

Do your research beforehand, but the basics that you will need is a jade egg, some string and a weighted item of your choosing. After the object is attached, the egg is then inserted and the object is lifted from there.

Head over to Instagram and click on the hashtag #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina to see a catalogue of Anami lifting all manner of objects, from umbrellas to surf boards and even a Picasso print. If you're tempted to take it up, we recommend you start with something small. 

Is vaginal weight lifting dangerous? 

Similar to any kind of strength training regime, it is important to start with light weights and progress gradually to heavier loads. As with any new fitness programme, we recommend you speak to your GP first and seek out advice from a fitness expert, such as the mighty Kim Anami

Will vaginal Kung Fu make you a better runner?

We're going to have to come clean here and admit that we have absolutely no idea if vagina weight lifting benefits your running, as none of the women at The Running Bug HQ were prepared to test it out.

However, given that strength training is good for running performance, on some level we'd wager it's safe to say that women with extra strong vaginas are pretty good at running too. If you're one of them, we'd love to hear from you...

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