The new Running Bug badges

Working towards your first 5K or juggling family life with marathon training? Whatever your motivation to log the miles, it takes true dedication to be a runner and we salute you! To celebrate your running achievements, you can now shout about it on The Running Bug with the return of badges...

The new Running Bug badges

As a reward for all your hard work and running achievements, we are delighted to bring back The Running Bug badges. To give you an extra motivational boost, badges are rewarded for everything from your first set of miles to the number of runs you've logged. Now you can see how far you’ve come right there on your profile, and your friends can too.

Friendly competition

Your new badges will be displayed on your profile page and alongside your rewards will also be featured in the news feed. As well as your current PBs, your running achievements will be displayed for all to see. Click here to get started! Not only will badges give your confidence a boost, they will also provide healthy competition for your followers to keep up - and catch you if they can!

Motivation to run 

As well as collecting badges for the distance you have run, you can earn badges for the number of runs you do too. Whether you run on a daily basis, or ticked off a 20-mile run at the weekend, now you can keep track of your progress as well as collecting some serious bling.

Yearly rewards

We appreciate each and every Bug who gives back to The Running Bug community year after year. So now, after every 365-days as a loyal member of the community you will also receive an anniversary badge.

We love loyalty

Some loyal souls have been on The Running Bug for as long as seven years, sharing their running journey with us since day one. Original Bug members will now be rewarded like royalty, with exclusive jewels to showcase their achievements. Our ruby, sapphire and diamond badges are only for the most devoted on the road!

So what are you waiting for? Start earning your Bug badges today and celebrate your running achievements! Click here to get started

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