The best running books to read this summer

Seeking fitness motivation? Our pick of the ultimate running reads is guaranteed to provide that extra boost while you chase after your running goals.

The best running books to read this summer

Running with the Kenyans - Adharand Finn 

Embrace the culture of Kenya and the trials and tribulations of marathon running. Follow Adharand Finn as he immerses himself into the culture of one of world's finest training stomping grounds, diving head first into the African way of life with his dreams, family and drive in tow. It's hard not to be inspired by Finn's thirst to get faster as he learns from some of the best in the world. Buy now

Beyond impossible - Mimi Anderson 

If you’re a marathon veteran or just starting your running journey, Mimi's story from mother of three to competitive ultra runner is a shining example that anything in life is possible. From running the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, to securing the female Guinness World Record for running 840 miles from John o’Groats to Land’s End, we challenge you to read this incredible story and not want to pick up your trainers. Buy now

What I talk about when I talk about running - Haruki Mirukami 

There’s a 99 per cent chance that most seasoned runners will already have this classic runner's tome at home. Murukami presents the power of the mind and the simple joys that running can bring to every individual, taking a step back from the PB driven side of running. We follow Murukami through marathons, ultras and daily life and can't help but come away and see running in a purer light. Buy now

Runner - Lizzy Hawker 

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, former 100K Women’s World Champion and winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc an unprecedented five times - the inspirational Lizzy Hawker’s story is not to be missed. Runner can be read by anyone and everyone, whether you run up mountains or in the local park. Hawker explores the physical, mental and emotional challenges that all runners goes through as personal limits are pushed. Buy now

Don’t Stop Me Now - Vassos Alexander

From the escapism of putting one foot in front of the other, to running to keep fit, every chapter of Don't stop me now shares the journey of how different people start their running journey. As well as the big running heroes taking centre stage, Alexander also shares the highs and lows of his own experiences, telling the story of how he too fell in love with the open road. Buy now

Two Hours - Ed Ceasar

If you don't have a race in your calendar, Ceasar's Two Hours will have you on the hunt for one. In uncovering the efforts needed to run the elusive sub two hour mark in the marathon, Ceasar presents the many layers of the world's elite marathon runners and what they have to go through. As he opens up their psychology, underpins the physiology of the sport and delves deeper into the history, we learn even more about what the human body can achieve. Buy now

A Year on the Run - Damian Hall

This isn't just a running read, it's a work of art, thanks to writer Hall and illustrater Daniel Seex. Featuring a running story for every 365 days of the year, including its history, its legends and the reasons why it has a permanent place in our hearts. This book will sit in pride of place on your bedside table for years to come, as well as giving you heaps of motivation.  Buy now 

Running Like a Girl - Alexandra Heminsley

Running is an honest sport and Heminsley does a great job of portraying that in all its glory. Running Like a Girl is a funny, emotional, endearing account of what it can do for someone's body and mind. If you're yet to begin running but are incredibly tempted to start, this book will give you the encouraging nudge you might need to achieve those dreams. Buy now

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