Treadmill Vs trails

The two polar opposites of running have heaps of added benefits in their own right, but which would you choose?

Treadmill Vs trails

Why running on the treadmill rocks


Treadmills can bring structure and form to your running. With a specific pace and distance in mind you can be sure to hit your targets every time without having to stop at a set of traffic lights, slow down unintentionally or veer off track.

No surprises

Heading to the gym, or to your own treadmill (if you’re lucky enough) allows you to run without any distractions. There are no hidden surprises on the treadmill, meaning you can focus solely on the task at hand without a change of pace or any staggered stops. This is perfect if you're tempo training, where you need to push a certain pace for a specific length of time. 

Work harder

If you’re taking part in a speed session on the road or even around a track, it’s much easier to ease off in certain areas and go faster in others. When running on a treadmill the pace is always even and while it’s good to get reacquainted with the outdoors for race day, these even splits could really benefit you in specific areas of training.

Improve your brain power

Yes, training indoors won't simulate the experience of race day, but staying put in one area and persevering can help you break through the mental barriers you may feel during a long race. Treadmill running can help to build mental endurance as it leaves little room for views to take your mind off the task at hand. While this might not sound like the most appealing fitness session, improving your brain power will pay off come race day.

Reasons to run outside

Breeze through the miles

Turn your running route into an adventure and we guarantee your miles will be much more enjoyable. From venturing to a park you've never been to before, to discovering a new secret woodland path, head off the beaten track, breathe in and enjoy. Not only will the miles melt away, but you will probably come home with a big grin on your face. 


One of the best things about running outdoors is being able to switch off from the stresses of daily life and relax. If you're confident with your route, leave your running watch at home, turn off your phone and head outside. Your brain get a well deserved reset and your body will also benefit from heaps of natural benefits, including fresh air and an added boost of vitamin D.

Get stronger

Running outside allows you to push yourself without necessarily realising it. Whether you're bounding over tree branches, or powering up hills, nature will throw all manner of obstacles in your way which can help build strength. Throw some hill-reps into your workout and add an extra level of endurance to your run!

If you're tempted to head into the wild, read our 10 beginner trail running tips

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