'We're ready to run The London 10 Mile!'

Thinking of entering the London 10 Mile Run this 13 May? Here's what to expect from the capital's only closed-road 10 mile running event in beautiful Richmond Park.

'We're ready to run The London 10 Mile!'

London’s only closed road 10-mile running event returns to Richmond Park for its second year. We speak to two running mums about what to look forward to at The Timothy James & Partners London 10 Mile run and their expectations for the day.

Kelly Ruck

Hi everyone, my name is Kelly Ruck (known on social media as Kellogs on the Run). I am a mum of three and a running fanatic. I have not always been into running and it certainly didn’t come too naturally to me at the beginning.

I started running after my last child when I realised I needed to spend some time on looking after myself and my health more. Having children can really make you push away your own health because you’re so focused on them. All I was doing was working and looking after them but running myself down to the ground with no ‘me time’. I wanted to get fitter and lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as channelling my diabetes.

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 17 years and use daily injections of insulin to control my blood sugar levels. Until I started running my levels of control were not very good which caused health complications. Since running my control has vastly improved my sugar levels which are no longer dangerous, although running with diabetes still is a complete minefield at times. 

I started on the Couch to 5K plan which to start with was great, but I got slightly bored and wanted to challenge myself. So, I did the ‘unthinkable’ and signed up for a 10K before I’d even run 5K. From then on, my passion for running escalated and after two years I had run two marathons (one of which I ran for diabetes which gave me a sense of purpose). Not only did my fitness and diabetes improve, but running gave me time to myself (which is rare as a mum).

Of course, you’re thinking how do I balance being a mum, working and running? It’s hard. I’m not going to lie about that but I had to incorporate running into my lifestyle in order to make it work. I often run to work or run around the park when the children are playing (with my eye on them). My son has got into his balance bike recently which has allowed me to run alongside him.

I recently heard about the London 10 Mile and Family Fun Run coming to Richmond Park on 13 May 2018. My children usually come with my husband to watch me either at the finish line or along the course which is an amazing feeling knowing they’re watching. However, running as a family has always been something I have wanted to do – what an ideal day! I told the children the other day about this opportunity and we had lots of screams (amongst a lot of competitive talk). I am so lucky that my children also share my passion for running and were keen for the Family Fun Run. 

We have been to Richmond Park and love it there. What a great place to host a running event. On closed -roads, in a Royal Park, amongst the wildlife, a picnic and free children’s entertainment – I couldn’t ask for more.

I will be running the 10 Mile event then getting back to the start line to do the 1 Mile Family Fun Run with my husband and children (if I make it around quick enough). I have shown the children pictures from last year’s event and they’re most excited about the children’s entertainment afterwards (and their medal of course)!

Not only is it great running with my family, but knowing they can get involved in children’s entertainment safely run by the well-known Sharky & George is fantastic. My husband and I will be relaxing in the event village enjoying the food and drink on offer I’m sure!

This event has given us motivation to go for small training runs together as a family in the local park. I’m sure all you mums will agree it’s getting increasingly hard to pull children away from screens in the world we live in. It is amazing to spend quality time together as a family whilst also doing our exercise!

I have signed up for the London 10 Mile and my family are signed up for the Family Fun Run. I will hopefully see lots of you on 13 May this summer – fingers crossed for sun!

Jhansi - Run Mummy Run

I’m going to be honest with you all here before I start. When I agreed to this event last year, I was certainly not classed as a runner and didn’t particularly enjoy running. When I heard from my friend that it would be a great event for all the family and there was a picnic in the park at the end, my ears pricked up. My two boys, aged 7 and 9, are very sporty, as is my husband, so I decided to give it a go.

Once I woke up on the Sunday morning, I put on my running kit and braved a smile (if I’m honest, I would have preferred to have been in bed)! The moment I entered Richmond Park, I felt excited and the environment was so welcoming. The sun was shining and, as a family, we all took part in the warm up delivered by Sharky & George, which was a great way to get everyone loosened up and in the mood.

I ran the 1-mile Family Fun Run with my two boys, which was a perfect distance for me. My husband escaped childcare for an hour and ran the 10-mile event. I managed to keep up with one of the boys but my eldest sprinted off! The Family Fun Run was fantastic, with lots to keep the children engaged, including squirrel high fives! It was great to see so many families running, it’s not often you get to exercise as a family together (Sunday mornings usually involve standing at the side of a football pitch).

Also, my running ability was not a problem here, with no pressure to complete the run in a certain time, but simply to take in the beautiful surroundings of Richmond Park - the boys were so excited to be running alongside deer!

I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face! I’d finished the run and really enjoyed the experience, but now for the best bit - The Picnic in the Park hosted by Timothy James & Partners. This was a great opportunity to chill for the rest of the day with family and friends, making the most of the glorious sunshine. There was food and drink stalls to satisfy all tastes. After all, I deserved a glass of prosecco!

Running on closed roads in one of the most beautiful parks in the UK with fantastic weather was an unbelievable experience. Not only this, but there was a very safe feel around Richmond Park, which meant my husband and I could relax whilst the children got involved in the fantastic array of children’s entertainment. It was great to see thousands of families coming together and creating an electric atmosphere, whether they ran, walked or crawled along the finish line.

I’m very excited for the return of this event this year and have started my training for the 10 mile run so my husband will be doing the Family Fun Run with the boys, who both certain they’re going to beat him!

To secure your spot at The Timothy James & Partners London 10 Mile run, head over to london10mile.com

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