Why running is brilliant for your mental health

Because running does so much more than provide a great physical workout!

Why running is brilliant for your mental health

It's the best headspace

Whether it’s finance worries, relationship issues or work stress, it’s sadly all too common for concerns to play out over and over on a continuous loop in your head, leaving you feeling frazzled. A simple run is a wonderful antidote, allowing physical freedom and headspace.

By focusing on your breathing or surroundings, you will likely feel a sense of peace that can be otherwise lacking in life. This type of mindful practice can be vital to help you stay calm and grounded.

It can alleviate anxiety

Studies have shown that physical exercise is a great way to combat mild to moderate anxiety, with GPs now prescribing exercise instead of antidepressants for some patients.

It's great for anger management

If life’s frustrations are getting under your skin, refrain from punching a wall (or your boss) and pull on your running shoes instead. Running is one of the best (and most socially acceptable) ways of releasing pent up anger and frustration. 

Running makes you happy

It’s true – science says so! When you run, your body releases endorphins (otherwise known as the ‘happiness hormone’), chemically boosting your mood and often resulting in the famous ‘runner’s high’.

It gives you a sense of achievement

Whether you’re working towards completing your first Couch to 5K programme or you’re training for a marathon, running can give you a brilliant sense of accomplishment. Make sure any goal you set yourself is achievable and not so far in the future that you lose interest. If you’re a beginner, aiming for a 10K in eight to 12 weeks’ time could be the perfect challenge!

Running boosts your confidence

The more you run, the better you will become at it, proving to yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. As a side effect, your physical health will also improve, with most runners reporting they feel and look more toned in just a few short weeks – a great boost for your self-esteem!

It promotes better sleep

It’s common knowledge that anxiety and depression can negatively affect your sleep patterns. But by partaking in daily aerobic exercise, you will ensure your body feels physically tired by the end of the day, helping you drop off more easily and regulating your sleep patterns.

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