10 tips to stay cool on hot summer runs

Run happy in the heat with our summer running tips.

10 tips to stay cool on hot summer runs

‚Ä®Summer running can be tough when the temperature peaks. Follow our top 10 tips to keep cool and maintain your training throughout the warmer months.

1. Time it right

Take advantage of the long summer days and run in the early morning, or late evening, when the temperatures are cooler and the crowds are less intense.

2. Heads up

You lose much of your body heat through your head. A peaked cap or a bandana provides perfect protection from the sun's rays while still allowing the heat to escape.

3. Hydrate

Try to drink at least 200ml of water every hour before you run, and consider bringing water with you in a specially designed handheld bottle. It's a good idea to be aware of locations of public drinking water fountains in parks. For more hydration tips, click here

4. Replace lost salts

A recent study found up to 13 per cent of marathon runners developed low blood sodium levels from drinking too much plain water and sweating profusely. Add an electrolyte tablet such as High Five Zero to your water bottle and keep your salt levels up.

5. Pre-cool

Paula Radcliffe has famously used an ice vest to keep cool before racing. Pre-cooling your body may improve hot weather performance by 3 per cent. DIY by sitting in a cool room or drinking ice-cold beverages before your run.

6. Sunscreen

Sunburn is dangerous, unsightly and downright painful. Protect yourself by applying factor 30 or higher before you head out, or wear a long-sleeved running top to protect your skin from harmful rays.

7. Wear your water

We’ve all seen the top marathon runners tipping water over their heads in hot races. Follow suit and cool yourself down mid-run with a hand shower!

8. Dress wisely

Light colours reflect the sun rather than absorbing heat. Avoid cotton and opt for technical moisture-wicking tops to keep your cool. Try these!

9. Run off-road

Tarmac radiates heat while running by water is generally cooler and breezier, and parks and trails with tree cover will shade you from the sun. Use this as a chance to go exploring and hit the trails!

10. Slow it down

You run times won’t be as fast in the heat, so ease back a bit and don't expect to record your top speeds. Stop if you start to feel unwell, and if all else fails have a rest and try again on a cooler day!

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