Life hacks to make your run easier

Cheat your brain into enjoying every mile and mix up your running routine with our top life hacks.

Life hacks to make your run easier

Sprinkle some fun into your fitness regime and step away from monotonous miles with our five running hacks. 

Mid run pit stop

Stopping for a break mid run will not erase all of the miles you did beforehand or make you spontaneously combust. Consistent miles are important if you're training for a specific race, but there’s also no shame in enhancing your run with a well-deserved breather every once in a while. A cup of coffee and a snack halfway through your long run could be just the added boost you need.

Run to friends

What better way to boost you through your run than with some stellar company waiting for you at the finish? Whether it’s dinner, drinks or a night in watching Netflix, arrange a meeting place with your pals and plot your route with their company at the end.

If you’re worried about being a bit too sweaty for their liking, remember that they’re your friends and they will love you no matter what. True friends should know you well enough to accept your Lycra-clad run-love in all its glory.

Get lost

One guaranteed way to enjoy your run is to explore somewhere completely new. It pays to take a look at where you’ll be heading to, but sometimes letting go and getting gloriously lost can work wonders for your mind and body. Pick your weekend run route at random, pack a light picnic in your running bag and make a day of it.

Homeward bound

Remove the psychological struggle that often goes with an out and back route and map a run that leads you directly to your door step. One of our tricks is to prep your post-run meal in advance ready to devour when you get home. Then upon return you can enjoy the hot shower, dinner and downtime hat-trick.

In need of some dinner inspiration? Take a look at some of our favourite post-run recipes

Soak up some culture

Be savvy with your run and treat your training like a day out. Drop in and see some of your favourite historical sites or take a peep at that new exhibition you’ve been wanting to tick off.

From creating your own culture run, to taking in the views, there’s no reason why clocking up the miles can’t go hand-in-hand with activities that you really enjoy alongside running.

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