5 totally different ways to get fit!

Inject some fun into your fitness routine with our pick of the best alternative exercise classes!

5 totally different ways to get fit!



Yes, you read it right... think tiger, bear and panther. This primal method of fitness will help you build strength while exploring the different ways your body can manoeuvre, using all of your muscles and moving like an animal. Book now

Hula Fit

Hoola hoops aren't just a fun game from your childhood, they're incredible for fitness and can get you killer abs without a crunch in sight! Hula-Fit classes are taking off all over the country and, whether you opt for 45-minutes or an hour, you will burn calories and work your technique and posture as you bust a gut and spin that hoop on a loop-de-loop. Book now

The Hard Yard 

Book on a Hard Yard workout and prepare to give it your all. Inspiringly the founders of the Hard Yard are ex prison mates keen to change their lives for the better, and launched the project to put what they've learnt into action and get people fit. Classes take place outside and use nothing but body weight. You can even get a cheeky discount if you book your sessions in a block. Book now

Float Fit

Taking the plunge to exercise in water doesn’t just mean putting on your swimming cap and doing 50 lengths of breast stroke; Float Fit classes will have you working up a sweat with a difference during their low-impact 30-minutes classes. You work out on a floating AquaBase, and aim to channel the strength of your core and the power of balance. Book now

Boogie Bounce

Bounce to your heart's content and burn fat while you're at it. Boogie Bounce have classes all over the country, each led by expert trainers and pumped with great music to keep you going. Get fit as a fiddle and bounce through a series of dance intervals, jumps, bouncing, frogging and stomping. Book now

Don't forget to pack these easy protein snacks for after your workout.

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