5 ways running can save you money

We all know running works wonders for your body and your wellbeing, but it can also save you quite a bit of cash - in more ways than you might think.

5 ways running can save you money

Use your legs as transport

Not only will swapping running for the bus be great for your overall health and fitness, it can also save you hundreds of pounds over the year ahead in petrol and transport costs. Even if you only swap four runs for bus money a month, it will soon add up. Switch wheels for two legs and watch the pennies grow.

Pennies per piece of kit

Beginning your running journey may be a little pricey, which could deter you from switching to the road. However, it helps to try and see that buying new kit is an investment.

If you're feeling guilty about buying a pair of trainers spread this cost out day-by-day over the year and it ends up being pennies well spent.

Swap classes for miles

Unlike a hefty gym membership, running is free. There's no monthly direct debit lurking in your bank account and you can do it any time and any place you please. So, swerve the joining fees and get running wild and free, safe in the knowledge that you’re spending a great deal less, if anything at all.

Shake up your social life

It’s often expected that to have fun, we need to spend. Whether this is eating out, drinking endless amounts of beer or chowing down on over-priced popcorn in the cinema, socialising costs money. Granted, it’s nice, but it isn’t always a must.

Who said going for a beautiful trail run with your friends isn’t going to be just as enjoyable? Organise a Saturday morning run around with some friends and invite them over to yours for a healthy brunch afterwards. Running, home cooked food and the company of likeminded friends, what more could you ask for!

Set yourself a challenge

A fun way to save money as you run is to log every mile with a cash donation. For instance, run a mile, put 20p in a jar. This is a great way to motivate yourself through the darker winter period and see the funds add up if you have a race to train for.

If you’re doing well, double it. You'll quickly see the pounds add up. Donate your pennies to a worthy cause and you'll feel even more virtuous.

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