5 ways to get your running mojo back

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get the miles in, we have five tricks up our sleeve to reignite your love of running.

5 ways to get your running mojo back

If you've entered too many races, lost your passion for exercise or simply have a busy life, it’s easy to lose your running mojo from time to time. Worry not, our five tricks will get you itching to pull on your trainers again in no time. 

1. Run to eat

From a well-earned breakfast in a local cafe to an endorphin-filled dinner at your favourite restaurant, shake off the fear of dining out in post-run Lycra and plan your route to finish with a meal. Not only will you work up an appetite, but you can appreciate your food in all its glory as you’ve earned every last bite.

2. Seize the day

Start the day with a sense of accomplishment before it’s even started by setting an alarm to catch the sunrise and seize the day. It’s not always easy to wake up with the lark, but making a pact with a fellow running friend usually helps get you on the road and the sunrise will be worth it.

3. Point-to-point

Whether it’s meeting a friend for a coffee or visiting a landmark, turn your run into a journey and the miles will melt away. Put a new exhibition on your route planner or ask your friend if they mind you popping around for a cuppa. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get the miles in when you have plans penned in afterwards.

4. Take the train

From five easy miles to a 20-mile slog, make your training easier with the use of public transport. Plot a special scenic route, catch the train to your starting point and run home to your heart's content. 

5. Be a parkrun tourist

If you haven't tried parkrun we urge you to give it a whirl. Free weekly timed 5K runs dotted around the globe on Saturday mornings, parkrun offers runners the chance to explore a new route surrounded by friendly people without the worry of getting lost. Open to everyone regardless of age or ability, chances are there's more than one in your local area, so it's worth exploring. Just print off your free barcode, find your local parkrun and go for a run! Your mojo is guaranteed to be fully restored before the day is through.

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