How to keep fit and still have fun on holiday

If running is an essential aspect of your routine, going on holiday can suddenly throw you off balance. Maintain your running form while still enjoying a well earned rest with our 7 tips to keeping fit and still having fun on your holibobs!

How to keep fit and still have fun on holiday

Head for the beach

Get more out of your run and bank extra relaxation time by taking your training to the beach. Running on sand burns 30 per cent more calories than your usual workout, as your legs have to work extra hard to keep your balance. To cool off, treat yourself to a post-run dip in the sea. For more beach running tips, click here

Run sight seeing

If you're loathe to lose fitness on holiday, then plan your trip away around a running adventure! From the streets of Paris to downtown Boston, you can do your sightseeing on foot with a sight jogging tour and enjoy some of the world’s most iconic cities in style. For more info on the coolest destinations to explore, read City running tours

Alternatively, if you're loathe to relax by the pool but you need a break from the urban metropolis, an action-packed holiday could be just the ticket. Read our pick of the best adventure holidays the UK has to offer and turn your time off work into an epic odyssey. 

Speedy HIIT workouts

If you've opted for a traditional beach holiday, high-intensity workouts tend to burn fat fast, which means you can spend more time relaxing on your sun-lounger post sweat fest. Hit the hotel staircase for an early morning step session, mix up your evening routine with a 15 minute circuit, or try these body weight exercises. Train during the coolest points of the day to avoid overheating, or take advantage of the hotel air-con. 

Don't forget to stay cool and keep hydrated with our hot weather tips

Explore on foot

If you need a break from high-impact training, a great way to combine holiday relaxation and fitness is heading out on foot. Walking burns 70-100 calories a mile, keeps your lower body toned and best of all – it’s free! From wandering along the beach to see the sunrise, to heading out for a cool morning hike, walking is one of the most relaxing ways to keep fit. The only downside is that flip-flops and sandals can make your feet ache, so opt for more supportive shoes if you can.

Hit the pool

Most holiday destinations come with poolside activities designed to get your heart pumping, which is great news if your hotel has a pool or you're close to open water. Enlist your friends in a sweaty game of beach volleyball, snorkelling is a pleasurable way to keep moving, or hire a canoe and put your upper body to work. Swimming lengths is also a fail-safe option, or get creative and try interval pool training with 30 second rest breaks.

Alternatively try these five fat burning pool exercises

Work your core

There's a lot you can do maintain fitness on holiday if you're clever with your time. Tone up and keep fit with some simple core work exercises. A strong core will help you achieve a toned midriff and benefit your running form. Try holding the plank for two minutes before breakfast, or if you're feeling brave this quick ab blasting circuit will have you riding into the holiday mood high on endorphins. 

Give yourself a break

Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy your holiday. A week or two off your usual rigorous training regime won't make you suddenly lose your running fitness but it will work wonders for your recovery, reduce your stress levels and rest your muscles before marathon season begins again.

Don't be scared to leave your running kit at home and save your energy for sipping cocktails by the pool. You're a runner, and you deserve a well-earned rest.

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