6 hot weather running hacks

Don't give up at the first hurdle when the heatwave hits.

6 hot weather running hacks

Throwing in the towel is all too tempting when the cracks in the pavement start to show. Suffer no more. From ice-pop stops to finding a shaded route, breeze the baking miles with our 6 survival tips.

Freeze your hat!

No, we haven’t lost the plot. Wet your hat, pop it into the freezer among the petit pois and take it out before you head into the heat. Not only will it shade you from direct sunlight, it will keep your crown cool for a while.

Hydrate in advance

Keeping your hydration levels topped up even before you head out will keep you going longer than you think. Keep a 2 litre bottle of water close at hand and sip it throughout the day. For more hydration tips, click here

Run in the shade

Embrace the cooler temperatures of a forest, or search for routes with higher buildings up ahead if you live in a city. You’ll be away from direct sunlight, making the heat a bit more bearable.

Ice your water

Fill up your water bottle and freeze it. Simple. At first you'll probably feel a little strange running around with a gigantic ice cube, although you’ll thank us for the instant cool down when it gets too hot and you can sip on thirst-quenching ice cold water.

Avoid peak sunshine-time

Head out before and after the sun hits its peak (10am-4pm) and ensure your miles are less of a sunshine suffer-fest. If you get out first thing, it’s also an excuse to lounge around in the heat on a post-run endorphin high.

Midway ice pop

What better excuse on a sunny day than to stop midway and cool down with an ice pop? If it's very hot, stopping for 15 minutes during your run won't do you any harm. And you’ll probably find yourself performing even better after you’ve had a break and a sugar hit.

Alternatively, try making our fruit-filled electrolyte drinks!

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