6 reasons to run a marathon

Whatever the reason you decide to run 26.2 miles, there are some unforeseen benefits that you’ll get to enjoy along the way.

6 reasons to run a marathon

Tempted to conquer 26.2 miles? Here are The Running Bug’s top six reasons to run a marathon:

Get super fit

The hidden benefits of being marathon-fit include lower stress levels and better quality sleep. Your cardio fitness will of course go through the roof, you’ll soon start feeling energetic and strong on a daily basis.

Without even realising it you’ll be toning bits of your body you didn’t know you could tone. By pounding the pavements on the regular you’ll suddenly find yourself acquiring a trim waist, toned legs, and - last, but by no means least - hello pert bum!

Running also changes your body for the better in ways you may not notice straight away. Read more here: Invisible ways running changes your body

Make new friends and meet inspiring people

From the beginning of your marathon training journey, you’ll meet friendly and inspiring runners who will change your perspective. Join a running club, find a running buddy online: the running community is a welcoming one and you’re sure to make some new friends along the way. Still not sure? Check out the benefits of running with friends in our article Boost your run with a buddy.

Raise money for a good cause

Many runners decide to take the opportunity to raise money for charity. This will give you another reason to keep pushing yourself when it gets tough, and will make you feel extra fantastic as you cross that finish line.

More cake!

While training for a marathon, you’ll be burning off many more calories than you’re used to, which means you can treat yourself to that extra slice of cake every now and then. And the week before the race you get to stuff your face with carbs – what’s not to love? Check out our marathon carb loading tips here.

Inspire others

You’ll certainly impress your boss, your colleagues, friends and family with your feat. Enjoy basking in their adulation! But you may underestimate how much your dedication and your achievement can inspire others to get fit, step out of their comfort zone, or tackle a new challenge that they perhaps didn’t think they could manage before.

A major sense of achievement

The marathon is a mythical distance, it’s a truly awe-inspiring feat which seems out of reach for most of the population. Less than 1 per cent of people have run a marathon – you’re part of a very exclusive club! And once it’s over, any time you like you can tap into the memory of that incredible high of crossing the finish line, flooding your body with endorphins once again.

Once you have run a marathon, you’ll realise you can do anything! The diligence, patience and determination that are necessary both in training and during the actual event can often translate into success in other areas of your life. You’ll be able to build on your experience and realise you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. High five!

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