7 ways to stay safe running after dark

As the evenings draw in this doesn’t mean putting a lid on your training, but it is important to stay safe and seen when you're out and about.

7 ways to stay safe running after dark

As the evenings draw in this doesn’t mean putting a lid on your training, but it is important to stay safe and seen when you're out and about.

Whether it's lighting up the night in neon, or heading out in the early morning with a group of friends, take note of our 7 top tips and make sure you stay safe after dark. 

Stick to busy areas

Running off the beaten track is something we all love to do, but for your own safety it’s best to stick to well-lit public paths after dark. You can still explore on the main roads and make it fun; plot a couple of safe routes alongside main roads or give yourself a point-to-point journey where you finish at a friend’s house - or the pub!

Open your ears

We’re all partial to some motivational Tina Turner when we pound the pavement, but at night time it’s a wise idea to keep your vital senses in touch. If you still need the sweet sounds of music to get you through, keep just one earphone in so you can stay in tune with your surroundings.  

Light up the night

If you’re running in your local town or city the streets may be lit up, but street lights don’t necessarily protect you from the shade of darker spaces or even cars. Make sure your kit is high-visibility; bright, bold and with reflective details on the front and back.

The new Brooks Drift Shell jacket and handy reflective Karrimor backpack are great pieces to keep you seen, as are our other top high-visibility picks. It's also worth investing in running lights. One of our favourites is the Million Mile Light which runs entirely on human movement and is said to keep you lit up for over one million miles. 

Run with friends

Add an extra set of eyes and ears to your run by catching up with friends. Suggest a time and a meeting place and run together through the early morning or evening. As well as being safer, knowing that your friends will be waiting for you is the ultimate motivation to get you out the door on cold, dark mornings.

Take your phone

Even if you don’t aim to use it, be sure to take your phone with you, but keep it out of sight. Most phones have a medical setting which allows your phone information to be accessed without unlocking it. In the worse case scenario this would allow the emergency services to get into contact with your friends or family.

Download the app

If you’re heading out solo there are now heaps of great apps made to keep you safe on your runs which are definitely worth downloading. 

  • Glympse allows you to share your location to family and friends so they can track where you are on the run.
  • With the bSafe app you have quick access to an SOS alarm and can let those close to you know you’re safe and sound by sharing your location at the tap of a screen. 
  • Kitestring checks up on you when you’re out and alerts friends when you don’t respond. We’d recommend responding when you’re in a busy area so that you don’t have your phone out.

Listen to your instincts

Your instincts are there to protect you, so don’t discount them if you feel something isn’t right. If you’re worried quickly get yourself to a busy, well-populated area. If this isn’t an option or if you still feel like you’re in danger, don’t be afraid to call the police.

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