4 benefits of boxing training

Keen to become the next Muhammad Ali? Even if you float like an elephant there are numerous ways boxing can improve your fitness and body confidence. It's time to get fighting fit!

4 benefits of boxing training

Feel the burn

The high intensity interval training associated with boxing is a great calorie burning workout. The combination of maximum effort and active recovery will have your heart pumping, improving your cardiovascular health in the process.

Balance and agility

Boxing training will drastically improve your balance and core stability, while strengthening your posterior chain. The intricate footwork involved will improve your agility and the fast-paced pad work will speed up your reaction time.

Stress buster

If your boss is giving you grief, your other half keeps forgetting to pick up their socks and the dog has gone AWOL, you might have the urge to scream. Use your anger wisely and take it out in the ring.

There is no greater stress relief than punching a heavy bag (and pretending it's a certain someone's face). Explore your competitive side, release the tension and feel the rush of endorphins as you fight your way to inner calm. 

Upper body

If you're worried about bingo wings in the summer or you have the arm strength of wet lettuce, fear no more. Boxing is a supreme upper body workout that will leave your arms lean, toned and fat-free.

Looking for a great workout to get you started? Try out HIIT boxing workout and start your boxing fitness journey today!

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