Heatwave running tips

Heatwave: incoming. Here are our top tips for running in hot weather.

Heatwave running tips

After months of moaning about running in the cold and the rain, summer is finally here! And therefore it’s time for us all to immediately start complaining that it’s too hot.

Just remember to take it easy, when it’s a few degrees hotter outside your run will feel that much more intense. Your body is working overtime to keep you cool. 

If you start to feel dizzy or faint, stop immediately, rest in the shade and rehydrate.

Timing is everything

When it’s really scorching out, get up and out early to enjoy the coolest time of the day. Late evening also works, as there’s more shade and the sun is less intense.


It’s that time of year when weird shaped sunburned patches begin to appear like a rash on runners’ backs and arms. Don’t fall prey to this epidemic: slap on that high factor sunscreen before you head out.

Dress for the heat

Looser fitting, light coloured clothing is best, and you should definitely choose sweat wicking technical fabrics to keep you cool. Try our spring run kit picks!

Stay in the shade

It’s easy to get overexcited about the glorious sunshine, but do plan your route to take in some shade. Trees and tall buildings are your friend.


It’s important to keep taking on water at regular intervals when running in hot weather. Pack some in a rucksack, invest in a Camelbak or plan your route to pass water fountains or shops where you can buy a bottle.

If all else fails and you find yourself caught in the heat without a drink, pop into your closest cafe or Macdonald's and ask politely for a cup of tap water.

Keep a cool head

It’s a good idea to wear a cap. When it’s really hot, you can soak it in water and pop it in the freezer before heading out. And you can splash water on it during your run to keep your head cool.

Secret ice station

If you’ve got long runs to do in the heat, set up a water or ice station, either at home or hidden behind a bush somewhere on your route. Freeze a couple of plastic bottles with tap water in, and stash them somewhere at the beginning of your run. After each 30 minute loop you can cool off with iced water. 

Cool treats

Why not plan a stop for an iced lolly half way round your route? It will cool you down deliciously and give you an energy boost!

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