How to embrace autumn running

If you’re usually a fair-weather runner who heads back to the treadmill (or worse, stops running altogether) once the colder weather hits, read on!

How to embrace autumn running

OK, we get it: running outdoors during spring and summer can seem so much more appealing, what with the light mornings and evenings, warm weather and chance to top up your vitamin D levels. Running during the autumn and winter months can also seem a bit daunting, especially as the nights draw in. But don't be put off! There is SO much to love about autumn running...

Dress for the occasion

The saying, ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’ applies here! Don’t try to make your summer running wardrobe work for all seasons, or else you’ll end up cold, wet and uncomfortable. Invest in a few base layers, long tights, a waterproof running jacket and some running gloves, and you’ll be set to take on whatever the season throws at you!

For kit inspiration, try our best autumn running kit for women and autumn kit picks for men 

Ensure you’re safe

Darker mornings and evenings will require you to adapt your running routes. Stick to well-lit, populated areas if you’re running after dark and better still, run with a friend or a group. Also, investing in high-vis clothing is a must.

Embrace the elements

Cool, crisp autumnal mornings are a joy for runners, but howling gales and driving rain are distinctly less so. However, it’s ALL good (yes, really). By resolving to run in all weathers, you will be strengthening your mindset – vital for your future training and racing.

Dive into race season!

Autumn sees the arrival of an abundance of races to enter! From 10Ks to marathons, take your pick and sign up today. Plus entering a race is a sure-fire way to boost your motivation.

Head off-road

Crisp golden leaves to crunch through, shiny conkers dotted across the trail, bare trees allowing the sunlight to stream through... trail running in the autumn is beautiful! Taking on the hills and tackling ankle-deep mud is all part of the fun, too, and will help build your strength and endurance.

Indulge in seasonal fuel

Something autumn does well is food! Think warming, protein-rich casseroles, hearty cottage pie and nourishing, anti-inflammatory soups, plus delicious mugs of hot chocolate for that post-run recovery hit.

Put in the groundwork

Ultimately, even if all the above doesn't have you leaping for joy, embracing the elements and running through the wind, rain and mud will see you build a strong core and improved stamina, ready for spring race season. Put in the groundwork over the next few months and you might see yourself bag a new half or full marathon PB come April... so get stuck in! 

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