How to keep training when you're tired

Sometimes exhaustion feels unavoidable and exercise may be the last thing you want to do. Blink away those sleepy eyes and bound your way through your run bright eyed and bushy tailed with our sleep cheating tips.

How to keep training when you're tired

Embrace nap time

One way to combat tiredness and prevent the toll a lack of rest plays on your body is to prelude your run with a power nap. Take 20 minutes out of your day to rest and afterwards head out of the door feeling ready and refreshed. Being kinder to your body means getting more out of your run. For more great reasons to nap, read this


If you’re feeling sleepy and have an intense workout on your schedule, mix it up and take it easy. Instead of busting a gut on that speed work session, swap it for the next day, prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep and breeze your way around a relaxed set of miles in the meantime.  

Caffeine hit

Get used to judging your own body; if you know you’re too tired to exert yourself - don’t. If you just feel a little weary it could pay to put some caffeine into your system and feel ready to go. Read the 4 benefits of coffee for runners, drink up and head out the door.

Eat before you run

We don’t need to eat before every single run, it depends how far you’re travelling and if you’re exerting yourself. However, if energy levels are low fuelling your body with a nutritious meal or a hearty snack won’t go a miss. For a longer lasting hit try eating a dish with complex carbohydrates at least one to two hours before heading out. You will feel fully energised and get even more out of your run.

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