How to master your first time at the gym

If you're keen to tone up, shred fat and regain body confidence the gym is usually the first port of call. But if you've never set foot in a fitness centre before it can be overwhelming...

How to master your first time at the gym

Read our top confidence tips to get your through the gym doors and building strength like there's no tomorrow!

Work out with a friend               

The saying goes that a problem shared is a problem halved, and that stands true to form in the gym. A friendly face and some company will help to ease your exercise regime and make the prospect of going into a new environment far less daunting, so bring a friend and start your fitness journey together. The hard part is resisting chit-chat the whole way through, so try to keep catch-ups to recovery periods or as a post-set reward. 

Phone a friend and hit the gym floor together with our partnered body weight exercises

Listen to your favourite tunes

If the Rocky soundtrack gets your heart pumping or you secretly love a bit of Justin Bieber, plug in your headphones and embrace the added boost of music. If listening to your favourite power ballads on full blast means a more intense workout, then why the heck not! One trick to try is to stagger your workouts to the song, such as going hard when the verses hit and taking it easy on the chorus.  

Employ a personal trainer

Knowing where to start and navigating complex fitness equipment in the gym can be a minefield. It doesn't matter if you want to burn fat, work on your upper body strength or simply master the basics; a good PT (personal trainer) will tailor workouts specifically for you and your goals. By having an expert on hand you can erase any uncertainty you might have. Many trainers offer yearly or quarterly packages, or you could even arrange a one month package and see how you get on.

Opt for off-peak times

If you're anxious about setting foot in a busy gym, it can feel like an entirely different space if you go out of hours. This might demand getting up earlier or taking your lunch break later, but it will give you more space, allowing you to feel considerably more relaxed with your exercise regime. Depending on how busy your gym is it may also mean getting more time on your favourite pieces of equipment.

Everyone is in the same boat

Feeling like on show in the gym is a common confidence problem. Yet what we’re often quick to forget is that most people will be feeling just as self-conscious as you, if not more so. And for those who aren’t, they’re probably so focused on their HIIT session that the last thing on their mind is what’s going on around them.

If you're surrounded by buff gym-bunnies, remember they all had to start somewhere too so they'll know exactly how you feel and have nothing but respect for you. Work your worries away and jump straight into the gym-world with your head held high. You've made a conscious decision to take charge of your health and happiness, which is definitely something to be proud of.

Start your gym journey today by trying our 4 kettle bell exercises for runners.

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