How to recover from your long run

Recovery isn't all about crashing on the sofa. If you want to continue running at your best and keep building up your stamina, it’s not as easy as just putting your feet up.

How to recover from your long run

Follow these tips to make the most of recovery time and ensure you’re back pounding the pavements for your next run as soon as possible.

1. Stretch

We've all had those aching thighs walking down stairs in the days after a long run. Stretching is a vital part of any runners routine, so it's important that you find time for it as forgetting to stretch will just lead to sore muscles and in some cases, running injury. It'll take less than five minutes, and can make all the difference, as well as increasing your flexibility. Try these essential post run stretches

2. Refuel

After a hard run, your body will be craving fuel, but it's key that you eat the right foods instead of chowing down on the first thing you set your hungry eyes on. High protein ingredients such as turkey, eggs and milk will stimulate muscle repair and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

3. Brave a cold bath

Tough workouts and runs cause a build up of lactic acid which leads to poor muscle function and feelings of fatigue. By hopping in a cold bath your blood vessels tighten and drain, so when you get out of the bath, they'll fill with 'new' freshly oxygenated blood, therefore invigorating the surrounding muscles.

4. Foam roll

Yes, they're horrible torture instruments, and yes they've evil, but foam rollers really do do the world of good. The important thing is understanding how to use a foam roller properly. Effectively they use your own body weight to perform a deep tissue massage, and are really helpful for injuries such as ITB strain which is hard to help with basic stretching. Watch this foam roll video for tips!

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