How to support your running partner

Never run a step in your life and find yourself bemused by your partner's new hobby? Here’s how to go the extra mile and support your running-mad other half when they need you the most...

How to support your running partner

1. Show an interest

OK, as a non-runner we appreciate you might not give two hoots about split times or tempo pace, but the devil isn’t always in the detail. Simply asking how your partner's run went will go a long way to making them feel like you’re taking an interest. 

2. Respect their schedule

To fit running in around work, a social life and quality time with you, your partner may need to get up super early for sessions, while weekends might be reserved for long runs. Respect their need to train, and try to appreciate how tiring running can be. They may need a few early nights... for sleep purposes only!

3. Resist peer pressure

If your partner has a race or long run planned in the morning, don't try and persuade them to indulge in a drink or two the night beforehand. Yes, sharing a bottle of wine is a great way to unwind together, but there will be other weekends. If they say they’re not drinking, respect their decision and grab them a soft drink.

4. Go along for the ride

You don't need to be a runner to accompany your partner during their training. Why not hop on your bike and ride alongside them? If they’re lacking in motivation and need a boost, your company will be hugely appreciated.

5. Be a cheerleader

Race day is the BEST place to publicly show you care, so get cheering! A little preparation is key: study the race route beforehand and let them know where you plan to be. Also, sign up to any tracking apps available. Waving a homemade sign? Even better.

6. Prepare some post-run grub

Post-run hunger is in a league of its own: when your partner returns from a tough session, they will need food RIGHT NOW. If you can have a meal or smoothie ready on their return, they will be forever grateful. 

7. Communicate

Feeling disheartened by the amount of running your partner does? If it really is taking up all their spare time, talk to them about it. No-one is a mind reader and communication is key in every relationship. Find a way to compromise. And make sure you have activities of your own planned while they’re out running.

8. Be mindful of the positives

When you find yourself alone on the fifth Saturday afternoon in a row because your partner is busy pounding the pavements, remember why they're doing this in the first place. From weight loss goals, to charity fundraising, to mental health care, there are so many positive reasons why people take up running, and your support in this process is paramount.

9. Lace up your running shoes!

If you can’t beat them, join them! Running is brilliant for your physical and mental health, so why not give it a try? If you’ve never run before, find a 5K schedule to follow, or see if there’s a beginner running group in your area. We bet your partner will be thrilled you’re taking an active interest!

10. Reap the benefits

There are SO many benefits of dating a runner! Did you know running can be great for your sex life? Plus by proactively supporting your partner’s running, you’ll earn some great brownie points!

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