Learn to love winter running

Yes it's cold and yes it's dark, but running in the depths of winter can also be glorious!

Learn to love winter running

Buddy up

Struggling to get up and run now that it's dark? If in doubt, enlist a friend. Having a running buddy waiting for you at 6am on a Monday morning will make you much less inclined to press the snooze button. Make concrete plans to embrace winter running together, and you can reward yourself with a natter over post-run breakfast.

Prioritise treat time

On that note, treating yourself after a chilly session outside can be just the boost you need to get going. From a piping hot bubble bath to a cosy pint in the local pub with your mates, a treat can be anything that makes you feel good. Running in the cold isn't easy at first, but giving yourself something to look forward to afterwards will have you racing out of that door quicker than you can shout 'mulled wine!'

Embrace the day

If running in the dark isn't for you there are ways around it, from run-commuting to psyching yourself up for a speed session on your lunch break. You will reap the mental benefits of running in the daylight, plus it will ease the negative effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies have shown that exercising during the first half of the day has been shown to reduce the depressive elements of SAD, as well as maintaining your body's circadian rhythm, which helps to keep your energy levels, sleep cycles and appetite in check.

Layer up

Layering up against the cold will keep you covered, comfortable and toasty warm when the temperature drops. Just try to refrain from heading out the door looking like the Michelin Man, as (unless you live in the Antarctic) it's never as cold as you think it will be once you start running. Pick out a couple of key pieces, opt for technical fabrics and invest in a good base layer, and if you're really worried about freezing your socks off, bring an extra layer to tie round your waist for after you've warmed up.

Live in the moment

From the crunch of icy grass beneath your feet, to catching a glimpse of the frosty sunrise, there’s so much to love about running in the winter. And best of all, you never get too hot! So, slide past Jack Frost and learn to enjoy winter running. Get your friends together for a countryside trail run or sign up to a race on our events hub and embrace winter in all its glory.

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