Post workout sweaty hair hacks

If you incorporate training into your working day, you will know only too well the stress of post-workout sweaty hair. Follow our top tips and keep your tresses looking, feeling and smelling fresh after a run.

Post workout sweaty hair hacks

It’s common knowledge that it's not wise to wash your hair every single day, as shampoo can dry out your scalp and strip the hair of its natural oils.

But if you are a fitness fan and train regularly, after even the lightest workout not only does hair look oily and feel gross, the salt in sweat can also dry your tresses out and make it brittle and easily damaged.

Here at The Running Bug we know a thing or two about dashing out for a lunchtime run and our sweaty hair hacks will ensure your locks looks healthy and great, even if you’re running every day.

Pre-style your hair

As you head out for a workout, resist the urge to scrape your hair into a tight ponytail as this can cause breakages. If you’re not washing it afterwards, it can also leave you with hair that’s flat on top with an awkward kink.

Instead, try plaiting your hair into braids. This will give it a textured post-workout curl so (red face and sweat-drenched body aside) you will look like a tousled beach babe when you casually saunter back into the office post-run.

Twisting it into a bun, or several smaller buns will also work. Just try not to pin it up in the same place every time, as you will end up with breakages where it’s being twisted each time.

Dry shampoo

Arguably one of the coolest inventions on earth, spray dry shampoo directly onto your hair and it soaks up all the sweat and oil leaving your locks feeling (and smelling) fresh. This means it’s a great solution for a medium to hard workout provided you don’t sweat buckets. You simply spray it on to your hair, wait a few moments and brush it out.

Dry shampoo is actually best applied before a workout, as this allows it to soak up excess oils and sweat as you go. It can be used post-workout, but do make sure your hair is dry first to avoid a gluey residue.

Hair wrap

If you have curly or textured hair, a sweat-wicking headband or hair wrap is a great option. These draw the sweat away from your hair. The key to using a head wrap is to keep it on until your hair is completely dry. You can speed the process up by using a hairdryer.

Use shampoo sparingly

Even if you train every single day and your hair is soaking wet after your workout, it’s still not good to shampoo on a daily basis. Stick to three times a week in order to keep your hair healthy. If your locks feel gross on non-wash days, you can just rinse out the sweat and either apply conditioner to the ends, or use a leave-in conditioner.

Try a cleansing conditioner

Alternatively, ditch the shampoo entirely and go for a more gentle conditioning wash. These are particularly good for curly and textured hair, but not so much for fine, straight hair.

Refresh your hair

Try using a hair refresher spray post-workout to revive sweaty tresses. If you find one that works for you, it will smooth your hair and give it texture as well as moisturising and conditioning it. And it will ensure your hair smells super fresh too!

Be fearless! 

If you've tried everything and your hair still struggles in the heat, just remember that the many benefits of exercise outweigh having a slightly dodgy mop and hold your head high. Your locks might be a bit kinky, but you're a runner so your body is fabulous and most importantly of all, you're looking after your health.

Don't have a shower at work? Try our six shower cheats and keep on running! 

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