The fitness benefits of pole dancing

Keen to shake up your running routine? Pole dancing is a fun, fast-growing fitness activity that can improve your running performance in ways you never imagined.

The fitness benefits of pole dancing

Total body workout

Forget stag parties and strip clubs, pole dancing offers a perfect all body workout for anyone looking to get fit and is fast emerging as the ultimate new fitness trend. Being able to hold your bodyweight requires muscular strength and endurance, which will develop and improve with each session. The speed of moves provide a cardio workout as you simultaneously engage your core and strengthen your posterior chain.

Strength work

The more complex moves you learn, the greater your flexibility and agility. This can all be transferred into your running training, as your new found flexibility will provide perfect resistance to pesky injuries. Although it might look simple, pole moves engage your core and employ almost every muscle in your body, helping you to become much stronger and more flexible, which will in turn benefit your running.

Body confidence

You will need to show a bit of flesh to increase your grip to the pole which can leave your legs, arms and stomach exposed. Fortunately the pole dancing community is very accepting of all shapes and sizes, plus you will be so focused on the activity at hand and perfecting your technique that you won’t have time to think about your appearance. You will solely be enjoying what your body is capable of. By practising regularly, your body will tone up, further increasing your confidence, so be brave and embrace the pole!


Ignore the stereotypes, pole dancing provides an opportunity to show off your beautiful body in all its glory. Complimenting the many physical benefits, there is the emotional feel good factor that comes from mastering difficult moves. Essentially a high energy form of dancing, pole work combines sport and music beautifully, so feel the rhythm and get poling!


As much as we love running, sometimes we all need to shake it up a bit and embrace cross training, and what better way to do this than pole dancing? Like any sport, poling is all about the enjoyment well as mastering the techniques, so ask your friends to come along, book a class in your area and have some fun!

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