The random questions runners ask

At The Running Bug HQ we receive interesting, thoughtful and sometimes kooky questions about running on a daily basis! In our bid to support runners of all levels, we decided to share the love and post all your queries in one place...

The random questions runners ask

What will I do if I need the toilet when I’m on the run?

From incorporating a quick café loo stop into your running route, to learning what foods to avoid, read our essential tips on how to prevent and deal with an unwanted toilet loo stop here

How do I stop my nipples from bleeding?                

To prevent unwanted nipple chafing, purchase some nipple guards or plain old plasters. Put these on your nips before you head out and say goodbye to bloody vests or an uncomfortable bosom.

How do I stop my toenails from falling off?

Missing toe nails are a common theme when it comes to runners and their feet. The truth is if you're a long distance runner it’s not always possible to avoid toe nail loss, although wearing poorly fitted trainers can often be the cause. Make sure you have at least a thumbs width between your toes and the end of your trainers to give your feet room to swell during exercise. If you're not sure, head for your local running shop to get your running shoes professionally fitted.

Is running bad for your knees?

Contrary to popular opinion running can actually help to prevent joint pain and many studies have shown that runners experience less knee problems. If you’re worried, try running on softer grass to lessen the pounding impact on your joints and follow these top runner's knee treatment and prevention tips 

How do I stop my glasses from steaming up in hot weather?

Try spritzing your specs with water repellent spray, available at your local bike shop, or use anti-fog wipes. Two antidotes that you can also get from the bathroom cupboard are shaving foam and a bar of soap, which provide a thin layer of protection. With shaving foam, lather up and polish your lenses. As for soap, rub a small amount of the solid stuff over your lenses. Let this sit for a short while and buff off with a cloth.

How many calories do I need for long runs?

Calories aren’t an exact science so we recommend you focus on food groups to fuel your runs instead. Your body will start to use up its glycogen stores (the energy you need to keep on running) after approximately 90 minutes of exercise, so it's important to fuel up on carbs before your run and experiment with energy gels or mid-race snacks if you plan on running for more than an hour. Read our fuelling tips below:

How do I prevent blisters?

First step, invest in a pair of technical running socks. Next, grab the Vaseline or BodyGlide. Layer your feet with your lube of choice before putting on your socks and your feet should be free from pain. If you do experience any chafing, consider changing your running shoes and invest in some Compeed plasters until the blisters heal.

Should I run if I have arthritis?

Arthritis is different for every individual so speak to your GP before engaging in any exercise programme. Unless you suffer from severe arthritis, short, gentle runs may still be an option. If your doctor has advised you not to run, consider trying swimming, yoga or another form of exercise instead. Read 5 ways to keep fit when you can’t run

How do I prevent heartburn when I run?

If you’re plagued by a burning sensation in your chest when you run, it sounds like you have heartburn. Equally eating too soon before your run can be another cause of this discomfort. Try to eat at least two hours before your run and experiment with what works best for you. Over the counter heartburn medicine and lozenges can also be a blessing.

With pollution should I run in the city?

In this modern age pollution is a genuine concern, but it needn't stop you from running. Head for quieter streets or run either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid traffic congestion.

Should I run before or after breakfast?

If you’re going for a mid to long run or an intense speed work session, eating beforehand is vital for energy. Equally, if you're going for a relaxed, short run then eating afterwards should be fine. Try our classic bircher muesli to keep you topped up.

Do I need to warm-up?

If you don’t have time for a warm-up, start with a gentle jog. After 5 to 10 minutes when your muscles are warm, increase the pace and run at your normal speed.

Should I run if my legs hurt from yesterday?

If you’re suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and have sore legs from a previous session, there's not reason why you can't still train. Follow our tips on running with DOMS.

Should I expect a PB at every race?

The simple answer is no. Progress takes time and patience, and your fitness only increases at a certain rate so trying to do too much too soon could actually negatively impact on your race times. With a decent training plan and consistent running you will be able to reach your goals, but patience is a virtue. Find the perfect plan to suit your needs here

Should I wear underwear beneath my run kit?

Technical running kit usually comes with breathable fabric underwear sewn in, which is designed specifically for those extra precious body parts, so you can run commando and no one will judge you. It’s a personal choice so do what works best for you. Just try not to flash anyone in the park!

From sports bras to low flying parrots, if you have any questions about running head over to our community forum and ask away!

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