Too hot to run? 7 great ways to exercise during a heatwave

When the mercury climbs, instead of torturing yourself on a hot sweaty run try these alternative ways to keep fit.

Too hot to run? 7 great ways to exercise during a heatwave

Hit the pool

Head to your local swimming pool and do some lengths. Swimming is a great total body workout and cold water is the perfect way to cool down while showing off your sexy runner's body.

Seek out air con

Find your nearest air conditioned shopping mall and run up and down the stairs. Take it easy though, you don’t want to take out too many unsuspecting shoppers. 

Walk the walk

Grab a hat and some sunscreen and go for a long walk. Shuffling around the park might not break a sweat like a swift run, but it's still a great way to keep fit and healthy and tone those legs, but because walking is at a much lower intensity than running you’re less likely to overheat.

If you're keen to get your heart pumping, add some inclines into your stroll.

Get on your bike

A low-impact alternative to running, feel the lovely breeze on your skin as you cycle in the shade of the trees, or find your nearest hill and work those legs. Best of all, when you cycle you can eat more without feeling sick compared to running, so incorporate a pub lunch into your day! Just try not to get sozzled while in charge of a two-wheel vehicle.

Climb it out

Head to your local climbing wall for some indoor (or outdoor if you're lucky) exercise. Climbing is great for strengthening your muscles and improving coordination without sweating your head off.

Yoga in the park

Head to the park with a yoga mat, bag a spot in the shade and do some yoga, Pilates, stretching... or napping. 

Head for the pub

Still struggling to work out in the heat? Cut yourself some slack and head to the nearest pub beer garden and exercise your drinking arm. After all you might as well enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

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