Why failure is good for running success

Failure is usually seen as a negative outcome, but in the route to running success our pitfalls can actually help us to achieve more than we think...

Why failure is good for running success

Push yourself further

If you achieved a PB during every single race, they're a strong chance you would become complacent and eventually lose your fighting spirit. Not getting a great finishing time, or struggling with a hard run can actually help you in the long term. After failing it's important to use these moments as a motivation to do better the next time round, without beating yourself up in the process. 

Learn from your mistakes

One of life's biggest lessons is how to learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes them, it’s part of being human. Trying to see these as a positive motivation when you’re down and out isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile.

If you shoot but don’t score, give yourself time to recover and try to learn where you went wrong in order to put yourself right the next time. Read books, watch videos, soak up advice, train your heart out and adapt your approach for your next attack.

Develop resilience

Whatever distance you run, strengthening your mental endurance as well as physical power will pay dividends in the future. If you have a bad race but manage to finish it against the odds, that reinforces the fact that you're willing and able and you WILL get there next time. Sometimes things don't go to plan, but if you get up, dust yourself off and keep on moving, this shows a tremendous sense of strength. 

Sweet victory 

If every race was handed to you on a plate without having to put the work in, would your achievement feel as big? We're guessing not. Working towards a goal and having the time, patience and true grit to get there, (and navigating a few bumps along the way) will make your victory feel even more precious once you get there.

So, if an important race doesn't go your way, don't sweat it. When you do finally achieve your PB dreams you will thank yourself for having the patience, endurance and passion to keep on fighting. Hooray!

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