5 easy steps to get into shape

Follow our healthy and sustainable guide to getting into shape, and staying that way!

5 easy steps to get into shape

Start a food diary

Never underestimate the power of pen and paper, especially when it comes to achieving your fitness goals - fat burning included. Gaining awareness of every slab of cake or occasional sweet treat will have will enable you to see clearly how your food intake adds up.

Not only will a food diary make you more familiar with your indulgent food choices, it will help you to see whether you’re eating too much of one food group and not enough of another, and you will will soon start to see any patterns forming.

From reaching for sugary snacks when you’re stressed, to 'treating yourself' at the weekend, keeping a food diary can also highlight food intolerances, which could be the route causes of uncomfortable stomach bloating

Try strength building

Yes, you heard it right. Step up your strength routine and you will benefit from muscle definition and burn fat even faster. When lean muscle is built your body continues to burn calories even after you finish working out, so you can feel smug about throwing around that kettlebell or completing that hardcore bodyweight circuit all day long. 

Even if you only train for half an hour a couple of times a week, it's enough to make a difference. For info on how weights can also improve your running, read the benefits of strength training for runners

Be more aware

If you’re running to lose weight but finding it hard to shed the pounds, you could be that you're eating more than you burn off. A common misconception amongst beginner runners is that you can tuck into everything and anything you want. You can definitely eat more, but it still pays to be wise with what you put into your body if your aim is to lose weight.

Knowing how many calories you burn with each session is a great way to keep on top of your food choices. The Running Bug calorie counter can help you monitor how you’re getting on and make sure you eat just the right amount pre and post-run. Take a look at your profile page after logging your next run, or input your calories manually to keep track of your food intake.

Track your progress

From trying to gain muscle mass, to improving speed, to shedding unwanted fat, tracking your progress will keep your motivation levels topped up, which is exactly what you need to keep on running.

Alongside running badges you can now monitor your body weight on your Running Bug profile. If you’re trying to bulk up or get lean, keeping track visually is even easier! Simply head over to your profile and start logging your details.

For more tips on burning fat, read our running tips for weight loss

Treat yourself!

Contrary to most mainstream diet myths, treat days are actually good for your brain and your body and the odd diet splurge will also aid weight loss. Having a day off will ensure that you're less restricted mentally and will mean that you're not as likely to fall off the wagon and binge if you cut yourself some food slack. 

For a nutritional overhaul try our 8 effective detox tips. Just don't forget that well-deserved treat day. 

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