5 life-changing food swaps

Substitute your usual naughty treats with these healthy snack options and your life is guaranteed to change irrevocably.

5 life-changing food swaps

Struggling to lose weight or glean any enjoyment out of life? Inject some passion back into snack time with our life-changing healthy food swaps.


Instead of those sumptuous squares of dark chocolate guzzled late at night, chop raw beetroot into cubes and nibble on those instead. You’ll hardly notice the difference.

Carrot cake

Instead of a moist slice of carrot cake, indulge in a raw carrot. Go on, push the boat out, have another carrot. You deserve it. 


Swap your pint of beer for a nice cold glass of water. Squeeze some lemon juice into it for extra indulgence. You're a runner so you're probably high on life and won't notice the lack of alcohol content.


Rather than scoffing a bag of crisps, go for some delicious, crunchy iceberg lettuce. Same effect, 0.01 per cent of the calories (approximately).


Instead of those delicious, smoky rashers of bacon with your weekend breakfast, just smoke a cigarette instead. Same smokiness, 0 calories.*

*Just remember to take all healthy diet advice with a pinch of salt. 

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