6 portion control tips for weight loss

Are your eyes bigger than your tummy? Learn how to reign in your appetite and practice portion control with our easy steps.

6 portion control tips for weight loss

Embrace the veg

Recent studies have shown that obesity often stems from excessive portion sizes, but there are ways to curb your appetite and still enjoy your meal times. The most obvious step in the portion control revolution is food swapping. Cut down on foods jam-packed with calories and increase your veg intake. 

Before you cook your dinner, stock up on veggies, but don't forget protein and carbohydrates too. Vegetables are low in calories, filled with nutrients and great for your health, so opting for more veg can only be a good thing.

Know your food groups

The old faithful pie chart holds the key to a well-balanced diet. If you don't know where to start, the Eatwell Guide can help you decipher your fats from your carbs so you can serve up a well-balanced meal incorporating all the right food groups. Cutting back on one food group to increase another can aid your energy levels and enable you to burn fat. 

Healthy balance

Your meals might be nutritionally sound, but if you eat triple quantities, the calories will soon add up. Try to maintain a healthy balance and remember that even good fats packed with vitamins and minerals can lead to weight gain if you eat too much. Yes, avocados, we're looking at you! 

Don't sacrifice treat time

Portion control doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of the odd treat. If anything the occasional indulgence can aid your weight loss goals. If you stick to measured portions you can still enjoy yourself every once in a while. From afternoon tea and biscuits to homemade healthy muffins, don't be afraid to tuck in.

Measure your food

Jamie Oliver might be a dab hand at throwing everything into a bowl by eye with perfect measurements but when it comes to watching what you eat it pays to get nifty with the scales. Measuring your portions can help control what goes into your food and allows you to clearly understand how much of each food group you're eating. 

Eat enough

Tiny portion sizes and starvation rarely results in fat loss and can lead you to feeling sluggish. When your body doesn't get enough food the metabolism gets primal, slowing down in order to hold on to the energy in your system. The NHS have a BMI calculator to help you work out just how much you need to achieve your weight loss goals safely without starving yourself. 

Now you have your portions under wraps try our healthy recipes

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