How to get great abs at home

Apply these simple tweaks to your daily routine and achieve amazing abs without setting foot in the gym!

How to get great abs at home

Embrace HIIT circuits

There’s a reason high intensity interval training (HIIT) has taken the fitness world by storm – it saves time, achieves fast results and can be carried out absolutely anywhere. HIIT training builds muscle and blasts fat even after you've finished your circuit; welcome news if you're trying to target stubborn belly flab.

Thanks to EPOC, or Exercise Postexercise Oxygen Consumption, due to the intensity of this type of exercise our muscles continue to burn calories even after we’ve stopped sweating. It can also lead to a metabolism boost, handy if your aim is to achieve washboard abs.

Spice up your exercise routine with this 15-minute circuit from The Body Coach

Get cooking

Preparing your own meals instantly cuts out a multitude of bad habits which can lead to belly fat. Processed foods tend to come with added sugar, salt and preservatives. When you start to cook from scratch, you gain complete control of what you put into your body and learn to make healthy food choices.

To get started, swap simple carbohydrates for complex ones (such as white rice for brown), prepare your lunches in advance with these DIY lunch box ideas and keep healthy snacks in the cupboard ready for when those cravings hit.  

Be creative

If you have responsibilities such as kids or pets and find it hard to squeeze an ab workout in, mix it up! Fitness blogger and PT Carly Rowena has devised some great routines using her French Bulldog Steven as a weighted prop. Check out her fido-inspired ab workout. If you don't have a pooch or a set of weights to hand, try using a bag of flour or even a watermelon. 

Cut back on sugar

Too much sugar in your diet is a common nemesis when it comes to revealing abdominal muscles. You could have a chiselled 6-pack hiding under there, but if you eat three Mars Bars a day this fat is likely to cover the muscles you have worked hard to achieve.

Try not to buy treats packed with refined sugar and satisfy your sweet cravings with dark chocolate instead. Alternatively, keep these tasty aubergine pesto rolls in the fridge to prevent yourself from overindulging. 

Consistency is key

One way to achieve guaranteed abs is to work core exercises into your weekly routine. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier just three days a week and tick off your ab circuit before you get to work. You will be surprised at how quickly a few simple moves will pay off.

This 10-minute step-by-step guide by XHIT Daily is perfect for targeting abs, and over the course of a week it's only 30 minutes of your time!

Take your core routine up a notch with our 30 Day Core Challenge!

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