How to get rid of bingo wings

As the warmer weather approaches it's time to banish those dreaded bingo wings and instead show off toned upper arms.

How to get rid of bingo wings

Follow these 4 exercises to add tone and definition and get you ready for summer. Although spot training isn’t possible, building and toning the muscles in your arms will reduce the look of bingo wings. Add these to a healthy diet and exercise and you’ll have awesome looking, strong, toned arms in no time.

Don't overdo it, be sure to follow the exercises according to your fitness levels as below:

  • Beginner: 2 x 8 reps each move
  • Intermediate: 3 x 10 reps each move
  • Advanced: 4 x 10 reps each move

Use a weight that challenges you – if you’re a beginner start with a tin of beans in each hand, your arms should be tired by the end, like you couldn’t possibly do another set with the same weight.

Alternating bicep curl

The bicep curl is a great exercise to get your arms moving, you can change the hand position to work different muscles, repeat with each hand position; palm up and to the side for a hammer curl.

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells down by your sides.
  • Keeping your upper arm close to your body, curl one weight up to your shoulder.
  • As you lower that arm, lift the other.
  • Repeat.

Arm circle

Reps of arm circles will work your shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps.     

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms extended straight out to the side at shoulder height.
  • With your shoulders down make 20 small forward circles.
  • Switch directions and do 20 small backwards circles.

Wrist weights

For a low effort way of working your arms try a pair of small, light, wrist weights. Wearing these while doing everyday tasks like housework, cooking, or walking the dog will help tone your arms as your muscles will have to work harder with the extra weight. If you have an injury or have weak wrists this one's probably not for you.

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