How to get the abs of your dreams

With a few simple tweaks washboard abs might just be within your reach.

How to get the abs of your dreams

Going crazy over crunches but still not seeing that elusive six-pack when you look in the mirror? Many fitness quick fixes and fad diets claim to hold the secrets to achieving perfect toned abs.

If you've been training your guts out and still not seeing results, the one thing standing between you and a chiselled middle could actually be those pesky ab myths.

Ab exercises don't target belly fat

You can't spot trainAs much as we'd all love 100 crunches to dramatically transform into washboard abs, it won't happen without a healthy diet and enough cardio to burn fat. It's a simple formula; once you reduce your overall body fat, your abs will start to show. 

Adding various bodyweight exercises including push-ups, burpees, lunges, and squats into your routine will help work your ab muscles, as well as giving you a full body workout. This will improve your balance and strengthen your core, dramatically increasing your chances of achieving the abs of your dreams. 

If you're not sure where to start, try our 5 best crunches to work your core and 5 minute core workouts for runners in conjunction with bodyweight exercises.

Rome wasn't built in a day

No matter how hard you train you can't speed up the process; a healthy combination of diet and exercise takes time. Juice diets, diet pills, cleanses, and detoxes won't help you achieve perfect abs and more importantly, they're not healthy or sustainable in the long term. 

Cutting carbs is not the key

It's a common myth that cutting out carbs will instantly tone your stomach. Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet can actually slow down the fat burning process, as your body will struggle to function efficiently. 

Instead, eating the right kind of carbohydrates such as sweet potato, whole grains including quinoa and brown rice will help keep you fuller for longer and still give you tonnes of energy to power through your run or workout. 

Not all abs look the same

Everyone has different genes, so no matter how hard you train you might not be able to achieve the cut glass abs you see in the magazines. 

Instead, take progress pictures of your body so you can spot the subtle changes over time and you'll only ever compare your progress to yourself! 

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