How to not get fat this Christmas

Christmas is coming! Which means mince pies, pigs in blankets and buckets of booze! But before you reach for your stretchy pants, you CAN have fun and not gain tons of weight this Christmas...

How to not get fat this Christmas

Be wise with booze

Christmas usually involves rolling out the booze trolley and riding high on a wave of hot cider, mulled wine and egg nog. If you're trying to stick to a healthy diet this can present a major challenge, as booze is laced with empty calories and excessive drinking is a fast train to weight gain.

God forbid we suggest you stay sober at Christmas! But a few minor adjustments can make a big difference to your waistline woes. Sip water between drinks and be wise with your alcohol choices, opting instead for lighter tipples such as champagne (yes dahhling!), gin and slimline tonic, and white wine and soda. Check out our low-fat drinks guide for more low-fat booze inspiration.

Eat extra veg

Everyone loves tucking into a cheese board after a Christmas feast, but when it comes to snacking you can side step over-indulgence by including energy boosting foods on the table. 

Chop up some vegetable crudités and serve with hummus, try our easy egg muffins, or give these smoked salmon and avocado nibbles a go. There's no reason why you can't mix good old yuletide tradition with something healthy and delicious. 

Keep moving

When it’s cold outside, the fire is on and you're surrounded by tins of Quality Street, the last thing you will want to do is head out for run, but it will do you the world of good! Exercise is the perfect mood boost after intense family time, plus you can earn yourself another mince pie or two and boost your metabolism in the process.

Use your festive feasting as fuel, read our reasons to love winter running and you will be out the door before you know it. If exercising over Christmas is a struggle, try our alternative family Christmas fitness tips and hit the park with the whole family in tow.

Bring your own food

If friends are having a get together rustle up a few healthy dishes and take them with you to the party. That way you'll be guaranteed to have something healthy to snack on amongst the treats. By balancing your plate with both health and indulgence you get the best of both worlds and won't be stuck in a food coma for the rest of the night. 

Fill up beforehand

Off to a family meal or out with friends? Steering clear of all the goodies at the buffet can be a challenge, so fill up on healthy food beforehand instead of skipping meals. The NHS advise that if you're low on energy your body is likely to crave junk foods such as sugary, fatty snacks. If you do end up indulging, don't beat yourself up! But filling up on a nutritious meal will make you less likely to gorge on everything in sight. 

Relax... it's Christmas!

The festive season only comes once a year so it's OK to let your hair down and reach for a handful of chocolates and a glass of wine. Sticking to your goals is important, but giving yourself a break is also valuable. Stress can have a negative impact and can even lead to weight gain, so go easy on yourself. The world won't stop turning if you have another slice of Christmas cake. Unwind, indulge and enjoy your time with your nearest and dearest. You an always go for a Boxing Day run!

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