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  1. Emma

    I'm in the Wolves!

    0 0 24 Feb 18
  2. FR
    I wish it was continuing as it really motivated me. If my run was due to finish after say 4.8 miles read moreI'd always run the extra to make it up the the next whole mile. My neighbour's must have thought me madekeep running up and down till that mile marker showed on my watch!!!

    2 0 16 Feb 18
  3. SU

    I'm in the Sharks!

    0 4 13 Feb 18
    1. SU

      Susan Thanks for that Diane! I will watch this space :)

      0 19 Feb 18
    2. Diane

      Diane I contacted The Running Bug as I was lost too lol Challenges make you work harder.

      Run Yourself New was a January challenge and it has indeed finished! However, if you start following people and making friends and logging your miles you can get chatting to people and if you view your own profile you can see your running progress. We will hopefully have another challenge late in the year though. Any questions about how to use The Running Bug we'll do our best to help!

      1 19 Feb 18
    3. SU

      Susan I agree. Can't find a link to any group activity. Thought it was just me :)

      0 15 Feb 18
  4. Nicola James

    Well done Sharks 2nd place 🏃🏃🏃

    0 0 13 Feb 18
  5. Kaz64

    Sorry been on hols.. Well done Bears

    0 0 12 Feb 18
  6. BA

    Well done all you fellow leopards.

    5 0 5 Feb 18
  7. sarah.hope

    Any Bears at Mad Dog 10km tomorrow ?

    0 0 3 Feb 18
  8. DE

    Are we going all year or no?? I really want to, it is great!!

    7 0 3 Feb 18
  9. JI

    Well done everyone sorry not to have logged in the last few days

    0 0 3 Feb 18
  10. Simontturner

    Yey! What do we win? 😉

    2 1 3 Feb 18
    1. bogeyman

      bogeyman Kudos probably

      1 3 Feb 18
  11. Gail Tyson

    Brilliant result 💪🏃🏾‍♀️

    0 0 3 Feb 18
  12. Veronica

    I'm in the Foxes! Im excited to start running with all of you! i hope we can reach an amazing number

    0 0 2 Feb 18
  13. qprchelle

    Great effort team leopards 😊

    3 0 2 Feb 18
  14. SuzieFLP

    Awesome effort leopards, proud to have been part of it with you all! Smashed it!

    2 1 2 Feb 18
    1. Mason

      Mason Well done everyone 💥💥

      1 2 Feb 18
  15. Tom

    Well done Falcons! We came fifth but we clocked up a massive mileage!

    This got me running more often than I thought I could manage - the team spirit and support from everyone really helped - thanks everyone!

    8 0 2 Feb 18
  16. Kelpie35
    It would be really cool if this was reset each month and kept going for the winter season. I read moreactually felt more inspired as I didn't want to let my team down by not heading out despite the fact it was pouring rain, snowing, icy etc.. It really helped me keep the marathon training going. Well done Bears!

    14 2 2 Feb 18
    1. FI

      fittxchris79 I agree it would be a great continual motivator and challenge each month this year. Try to improve with each month!

      1 7 Feb 18
    2. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Great to hear it helped :) keep at it. Don't let the challenge ending stop you!! Be positive.

      4 2 Feb 18
  17. Andrew Worthington

    Well nice to be on the winning team. Serious training ahead for London.

    3 2 2 Feb 18
    1. Andrew Worthington
      0 4 Feb 18
    2. bogeyman

      bogeyman Totally agree good luck for London

      0 3 Feb 18
  18. DA

    Well done to everyone that has taken part, shame to finish 6th, but was good to motivate me to get out and run.

    4 1 1 Feb 18
    1. Rachel1167

      Rachel1167 I agree David. It did make a difference to my motivation. Need to keep it up now!

      0 5 Feb 18
  19. EE
    I’m at a bit if a loss can’t seem to find other teams etc on phone are you better viewing online? read moreReally enjoyed January although forgot to log my weeks runs until tonight and I’ve run every day! Sorry Sharks

    0 0 1 Feb 18
  20. Catherinemary

    Well done to all the teams but I specially the Sharks!!! 🤗🤗

    0 0 1 Feb 18