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  1. Tracie

    Is this starting again in January?

    0 0 16 Dec 18
  2. CH

    I'm in the Foxes, Hi how do I log? thanks

    0 1 12 Dec 18
    1. Mike

      Mike Hi Chenene, have you managed to log any runs yet?

      0 23 Dec 18
  3. Caz

    I'm in the Bears! How do I log? 👍🏻

    0 1 29 Oct 18
    1. KenHunter

      KenHunter Hi Caz. On the home page click on the green box "LOG RUN" and a window will slide from the left. read moreClick on "ADD" then input your details and click "LOG". This will add to the Bears score automatically albeit I do not think there is a competition going at present. Hope this helps.

      0 30 Oct 18
  4. Tony1965

    Been out for a bit but now I'm back ,to get some miles in .

    0 0 28 Oct 18
  5. TR

    FYI I need all the motivation I can get

    2 2 17 Aug 18
    1. Laoban

      Laoban Couldn’t run for two months through injury ..... so frustrating. So good to be back

      0 27 Oct 18
    2. LO

      LouiseBartlett You & me both! Though I’ve recently had a virtual kick up the backside to do more 😱

      0 10 Sep 18
  6. Beth

    OK so I haven't had any notification about this challenge but apparently I'm a 🐻. So hi everyone

    0 1 14 Aug 18
    1. Stormi

      Stormi The official challenge ended in Feb.

      1 16 Aug 18
  7. RE

    I'm in the Bears! Hello

    0 0 12 Aug 18
  8. Margo

    I'm in the Wolves!

    0 0 29 Mar 18
  9. Nata

    I'm in the Falcons! Hello. I want to plan my ranning workout but it's hard.can someone halp me <3

    2 2 25 Mar 18
    1. Rebecca

      Rebecca Hi fellow Bears, I've just signed up! how do I log my runs?

      0 12 Jun 18
    2. Tom

      Tom Hi Nata - I'm really sorry, but the campaign ended. I'm not sure how you were able to join it so read moreI'll look for the problem that caused it.

      We have a list of plans that might help:

      2 25 Mar 18
  10. Emma

    I'm in the Wolves!

    0 0 24 Feb 18
  11. FR
    I wish it was continuing as it really motivated me. If my run was due to finish after say 4.8 miles read moreI'd always run the extra to make it up the the next whole mile. My neighbour's must have thought me madekeep running up and down till that mile marker showed on my watch!!!

    3 0 16 Feb 18
  12. SU

    I'm in the Sharks!

    0 4 13 Feb 18
    1. SU

      Susan Thanks for that Diane! I will watch this space :)

      0 19 Feb 18
    2. Diane

      Diane I contacted The Running Bug as I was lost too lol Challenges make you work harder.

      Run Yourself New was a January challenge and it has indeed finished! However, if you start following people and making friends and logging your miles you can get chatting to people and if you view your own profile you can see your running progress. We will hopefully have another challenge late in the year though. Any questions about how to use The Running Bug we'll do our best to help!

      1 19 Feb 18
    3. SU

      Susan I agree. Can't find a link to any group activity. Thought it was just me :)

      0 15 Feb 18
  13. Nicola James

    Well done Sharks 2nd place 🏃🏃🏃

    0 0 13 Feb 18
  14. Kaz64

    Sorry been on hols.. Well done Bears

    0 0 12 Feb 18
  15. BA

    Well done all you fellow leopards.

    5 0 5 Feb 18
  16. sarah.hope

    Any Bears at Mad Dog 10km tomorrow ?

    0 0 3 Feb 18
  17. DE

    Are we going all year or no?? I really want to, it is great!!

    7 0 3 Feb 18
  18. JI

    Well done everyone sorry not to have logged in the last few days

    0 0 3 Feb 18
  19. Simontturner

    Yey! What do we win? 😉

    2 1 3 Feb 18
    1. bogeyman

      bogeyman Kudos probably

      1 3 Feb 18
  20. Gail Tyson

    Brilliant result 💪🏃🏾‍♀️

    0 0 3 Feb 18