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  1. Chriz1

    Chriz1 imported a run.


    0 0 500.8 13 mins
  2. Nicnac1902

    Nicnac1902 First run for ages - it was hard!

    0 0 17 mins
  3. LC

    lcs24 Early morning run on my own

    0 0 348 26 mins
  4. Bianca

    Bianca Very joyful runch, I can almost call this a Tracey-run (thanks Tracey for the inspiration!), everything felt so good and enjoyed it so much not even the AP bothered me today. Went back to my cynic self the moment I got back at my desk to a pile of 100 of angry emails, happiness was short lived  https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1989860641

    0 2 406 27 mins
    1. Bianca

      Bianca true. the AP were downgraded to just P.

      0 13 mins
    2. Sharnie1

      Sharnie1 Nooooooo - the AP aren't AP if you don't get A at the P - this is not how it works :):):) - this is read morea good looking run and it looks like you did thoroughly embrace the enjoyment - booo to work spoiling the mood though - nice going Bi :):)

      0 18 mins
  5. AmyDavina

    AmyDavina No breaking records today..... probably my last run until Sunday

    0 0 39 mins
  6. PA

    painauxraisin That's KMs by the way. The Running Bug didn't wan't to change from 'miles'. Lots of steep ups and dodgy downs on today' path, which I'd never run before. Much scrambling over and under fallen trees, Got caught in some brambles and then got a bit lost! The path just seemed to run out! Anyway, tough but fun I think are the correct words for today's run!

    0 0 39 mins
  7. Russ (Luther) M

    Russ (Luther) M Short but hillyish run, with Morley train stations 90 odd steps thrown in twice

    0 2 53 mins
    1. Russ (Luther) M

      Russ (Luther) M Found a little new park that I never knew existed as well :-)

      0 47 mins
    2. Russ (Luther) M

      Russ (Luther) M 362ft, so not very hilly but undulating and the steps at 1 mile and 3 miles nearly did me ha. Found read moreit quite tough and was shattered at the end, not entirely sure why, but enjoyed it for a change of run type. May throw the steps in once a week or every other week.

      0 50 mins
  8. PO

    Polly1981 Quick run after body pump

    0 0 2 hrs
  9. smodha

    smodha imported a run.


    0 0 675.91 2 hrs
  10. Jilly178

    Jilly178 8 mins run/2 mins walk X3 - a bit wet and windy but really enjoyed being able to run for 8 minute intervals :)

    0 0 2 hrs
  11. Keith

    Keith imported a run.


    0 0 104.5 2 hrs
  12. Keith

    Keith imported a run.


    0 0 108.8 2 hrs
  13. Keith

    Keith imported a run.


    0 0 498.5 2 hrs