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  1. Melza

    Melza Ccccccold & crisp.... perfect!

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  2. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 AoA W18-R4 - steady Z2 6 - yipppeeeeeee day :):):) - allowed myself the freedom of all of Z2 today, and the legs took a few liberties dragging me into Z3, especially over the gasworks on the way back - I find it a lot harder to keep the pace down in daylight and if I don't focus the pace tends to drift upwards. Suspect taperitis may begin to strike next week as the boredom sets in :):)

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  3. suzanne36

    suzanne36 Run to Brum, very pleasing.

    0 0 1520 10 mins
  4. MC

    Mcners Lost traffic roulette. Another run done even if slow


    0 0 241.84 18 mins
  5. Ros Glover

    Ros Glover Familiar route out to the woods and beyond. Light rain melting the frozen ground and a wintry breeze! Great winter trail running

    0 0 27 mins
  6. Meatball27

    Meatball27 Run after the last day of exams:-)

    0 0 406 37 mins
  7. Meatball27

    Meatball27 Little bit of hill work in Cowes

    0 0 405 38 mins
  8. Strongjon

    Strongjon Running back from the hill session

    0 1 282 40 mins
    1. steve c

      steve c Doing extra by running back from the hill session will give you the added benefits.

      0 25 mins
  9. Strongjon

    Strongjon Kenyan hill sprints x 10

    0 1 244 41 mins
    1. steve c

      steve c That would have been one tough session, nice one!.

      0 25 mins
  10. Strongjon

    Strongjon Running to the Friday hill session

    0 1 324 41 mins
    1. steve c

      steve c Good idea to run to the hill to start your hill session off.

      0 25 mins
  11. Wozza1964

    Wozza1964 Not been the best week, today is the first day I’ve not had a right pain in the buttock which I think had been caused owing to not stretching off properly from previous run!

    Seems to have eased so get out for some miles, bit chilly & snow in the air.

    Set off wanting around 8.15-8.30 miles.

    Found keeping to the pace a bit difficult but managed to keep to it.

    Tech issue on arrive home Garmin displaying runs from 2016, although the run is in the weekly total bizarre & phone gave up in the cold!

    0 1 44 mins
    1. Strongjon

      Strongjon Good work Wozza, manage that niggle and don’t over do it

      0 39 mins
  12. LI

    lindesw01 Managed the 3 miles (just)… really struggling to push on... sigh :(

    0 0 360 56 mins
    1. bobace80

      bobace80 Thanks x. Being sent for a second opinion on my groin troubles.. No tear but still aches.

      0 34 mins
    2. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Looks good well done :)

      0 2 hrs
  13. RuthT82

    RuthT82 Plod up and down the main hill out of the village and then five hill repeats at the bottom. Bit nippy!

    0 1 289 2 hrs
    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Bet the hills kept you nice and toasty tho!! Good session

      0 2 hrs
  14. RuthT82

    RuthT82 A pyramid sprint session with running club round a park. Felt good!

    0 1 184 2 hrs
    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Ooo nice !

      0 2 hrs