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  1. anthony hughes

    anthony hughes A real confidence booster on this one. Ran it with Rich my training partner and neither of us were looking forward to it. Set off from his up to bridlington prom then along to Sewerby and picked up part of the Brid HM route ( undulating) then detoured to Grindale and Boynton, long steady drags then Strawberry Fields hill (omg, had to walk quarter of it). Over the top of the Wolds then dropped down into Carnaby and back to Brid. I said before we left nothing faster than 8 minute miles, at least ten of them were closedr to 7.45-7.52 :( Strawberry Hill was slowest at around 9.11 which includes the walk, and Rich struggled on mile 18 (8.45) but I talked him through the wall. This was a deprivation run for me, just some Haribo and water after a bowl of cornflakes. All felt good and could have gone further, so needless to say I'm happy with my Manchester training plan so far :)

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  2. @ndy Watson

    @ndy Watson One of those bad days - would have liked to go further but legs were shot...

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  3. anton.andersen

    anton.andersen Tough run out but a lovely day for it


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  4. Noelp

    Noelp Didn't feel too bad today, found the hill between mile 6-7 very tough


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  5. qprchelle

    qprchelle Quick warm up before circuits

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