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  1. Joanne

    Joanne Half way!

    1,140+ miles


    0 0 14 mins
  2. roland.robson.39

    roland.robson.39 Slow run felt very tired felt very muggy and struggled.

    0 0 37 mins
  3. Jackie Tr

    Jackie Tr This was supposed to be 5k but my foot wasn't playing the game. So cut it short when it started to feel as if something was going to snap. As we headed back it started to change again the pain moved back into my heal at the same time I started to have butt pain and in turn my sciatic nerve down my leg. I'm going to give It a cuple of days rest now as I've done a lot more than I was expecting. It wasn't the best of days for the weather , so hope next week is better. Have a good weekend bugs.


    0 0 38 mins
  4. stan.kellett

    stan.kellett Lunch Run with Brett and Gareth, much cooler today


    0 0 39 mins
  5. LatelifeNewbie

    LatelifeNewbie running around the furniture is efficient, but not as fun as woods...

    0 0 2 hrs
  6. Nick Flack

    Nick Flack Finished the week with a Cheeky HM, time was 1:39:30....not the best but haven't done one in ages.

    0 0 2 hrs