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  1. RO

    Roland 4 miles through the woods hard work and warm legs feel very heavy these days short of fitness.

    0 0 462 14 mins
  2. AL

    alibongo1967 Very hot day but felt OK.

    0 0 1072 28 mins
  3. OL

    oldrocker Sunny midday. Fantastic day but hot 5k


    0 0 365 43 mins
  4. PA

    patrickrjames Early morning run to avoid the heat - but still warming up nicely. Wore a short sleeve top for first time this year, shorts will be next! Can't believe it was snowing about a month ago!

    0 0 959 46 mins
  5. Moonrunner

    Moonrunner Last toddle out before the big one, a tad hot though!

    0 0 309 57 mins
  6. Dee27

    Dee27 First outing of the year for my running shorts! Gorgeous day, breezy at first which was nice but then it seemed to drop and I started to overheat! Fingers crossed it will be a bit cooler at weekend for those running in events. Looking forward to watching the London Marathon from the comfort of my sofa! 😂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😜

    0 2 300 2 hrs
    1. RU

      Ruthie I wondered if you'd be getting those shorts out! Very sensible I feel. Another good 5k ticked off read morethere! I am also looking forward to Sunday and thinking "if only"! It never looks too far to run from the comfort of the sofa.

      0 13 mins
    2. steve c

      steve c I bet it felt nice to running in some shorts, never a nice experience when you start to overheat read morewhen you're running. They say it's going to be really warm for the marathon runners in London, the heat sucks when you're running big miles. I will watch some of it, but I hope to get for a run myself on Sunday. Well done for today's run 👍😎

      0 32 mins
  7. neetie

    neetie Lovely to feel the warmth of the sun at last!!

    0 0 688 2 hrs
  8. JohnRuns

    JohnRuns Windy and very warm - bring back the winter!

    0 0 2 hrs
  9. Ros Glover

    Ros Glover Hello sunshine! Out with the shorts and cap. So lovely to feel the warmth on ones skin. Seemed a bit of a shame to run roads today but I should get a good dose of trails tomorrow so did my planned run of 7 miles @ marathon pace. With less need for a lengthy WU I quickly settled into the pace in mile 2 and held it OK. Was tempted to crank it up to HM pace for last 2 miles but held myself back as I need to save plenty in reserve for tomorrow!

    0 1 2 hrs
    1. lizzy

      lizzy Well done on holding back Ros and its a beautiful day. That's a tidy looking 7 miler, 😊

      0 Now
  10. jj57

    jj57 hot and sunny, nice.


    0 0 924.1 2 hrs