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  1. Helen Grinnell

    Helen Grinnell Long run to burn off the massive piece of cake I've eaten today. Walnut lane killed me at the end.

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  2. Guernsey Girl

    Guernsey Girl This was supposed to be a gentle little 30 min rec run but I must have the Si-bug as it turned into a nice little prog run of 9:35, 9:07 & 8:38. Legs feel fine but toes are still sore - amazing how well gel toe caps work 😂😂 Opted to cancel yoga class as thought I'd be nice to my toes today but just getting ready now for Body Balance. We'll see how they cope.

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  3. Helen

    Helen little run, adjusting to my new diet regime!


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  4. Claire72

    Claire72 On days like today, I just love running

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  5. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice What set off​ as a longish run round river ended up being a short quick run on cycle path bumped into a mate and ran a fast 6 with him still enjoyed it

    0 1 21 mins
    1. Donnie78

      Donnie78 Excellent going.👍

      0 19 mins
  6. Raiderbill

    Raiderbill Nice sunny day so gave the dodgy hammy some interval training today. Not too bad but back to the good old roller again. Couple of days off so can read up on my new running watch...fenix 3 :)

    0 2 35 mins
    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Ooo don't you just the Fenix 3.. I got mine in Feb and still havnt got my head around the fab gumph read moreit has to offer lol!!.. you need a thumper for the hammy (my new alien toy) but a solid bit of inters for them to moan about :)

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    2. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Ooohh a new cadet to explore, make sure you read those instructions mate. Well done on the run, hope read moreit was to painful when running today. Very nice pace though, hammy never slowed you down. Enjoy the rest days.

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  7. MS

    Mseymour Felt quite good tonight

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    1. Scubapete

      Scubapete Very impressive

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  8. LI

    Lizzie Bradbury Another run as part of gym programme-not as good as running outside !

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  9. Noelp

    Noelp Forgot to stop my watch when I finished. Another ticked off. 3 1/2 weeks to go


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    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Ticking them off nicely.. I hate forgetting to stop the watch!

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    2. Helen

      Helen nice run Noel!

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  10. T3chno

    T3chno Uneventful other than trying to dodge all the Tuk Tuk out here they are everywhere wizzing along. Should have stayed on trails would have been quieter 👍🏃😎

    0 1 52 mins
    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Lol I take it tuk tuks are noisy? Can't beat an off roader tho so one for the morning :)

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    1. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi And I mean :)

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    2. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Yay love a happy run :(

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  11. Neil Tanner

    Neil Tanner Montgomery canal - Interval run

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    1. Neil Tanner

      Neil Tanner Easter Sunday

      0 2 hrs
  12. AM

    Amyb86 Able to run a little more, less walking

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