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  1. EDDY

    EDDY Easy run on a cool evening while the wife is out with her sister.I had the weekend off and feel better for it.

    0 0 575 Now
  2. Marlene Chapman

    Marlene Chapman Been tired lately and back so took it easy

    0 0 Now
  3. Dee27

    Dee27 Dodging the puddles. Had to slow it right down in sections as the quarry tile pavements were like glass so it was either that or run at the edge of the busy road, neither option was great! I like a rainy run though and the niggly feet seem to be manageable as long as I take it easy, fingers crossed.

    0 0 300 Now
  4. MR

    Mr Wheatley Managed to get out for a quick lunchtime run

    0 0 535 15 mins
  5. BA

    Barry44 Including 3 x 2 mile efforts averaging 5.39/m. Approx 0.6m jog recoveries.


    0 0 998 32 mins
  6. sam.thompson

    sam.thompson Recovery run to ease aching legs

    0 0 37 mins
  7. Loopy Lind

    Loopy Lind River run with Evie


    0 0 384.6 41 mins
  8. Kate Graystone

    Kate Graystone Been ages so happy with this. 11km on bike followed.

    0 0 285 48 mins
  9. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison A lovely steady start to the day. Back to the peaceful canal route for this one.

    0 1 1839 55 mins
    1. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew excellent run there Chris. hope all felt good and no dramas.

      0 9 mins
  10. Jessy

    Jessy This run felt better but i still struggled with my breathing and my chest hurt but I will get there. X

    0 0 2 hrs