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  1. CA

    CatieK78 Lungs and mind are willing- legs are less sure

    0 0 8 mins
  2. Johnny Bhoy

    Johnny Bhoy Tough, Icy & Hilly. Legs felt terrible

    0 0 650 11 mins
  3. Pdavies25

    Pdavies25 Come on running bug just sync

    0 0 19 mins
  4. JoWatson

    JoWatson W8/R3- 15M steady+ downgraded to 'keep it comfortable and see how you get on'. Lurgy still in play so needed to keep my sensible head on. Had absolutely no expectations about this one, so chose a route that provided lots of bail-out options but also had the potential for laps. Focus was very much on running comfortably, so eased back on the hills and didn't look at the watch, and it all went surprisingly well, really. Rain came in and temperature dropped in the last couple of miles, so decided to quit while I was ahead. All things considered, much better than I was anticipating and enjoyable.

    0 0 24 mins
  5. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison Chuffed about this one. Went out hoping to safely get to 10k and pushed a little beyond that. Calf gave the odd twinge, but feels far far better than previous weeks. I'm hoping its well enough for me to start getting a mid week run in again. A couple of HM's in Feb and the 20 miler in March in the diary. I had written the 20 miler off ... but never say never and wondering whether it may still be on the cards. Will look to up it 13 miles by end of this month and then just see where we are during Feb.

    This run was up to the local country park and then around, mostly off road and scenic enough. A tad chilly ... would be an understatement.

    Happy days :-)

    0 2 952 39 mins
    1. Chris Pattison

      Chris Pattison Hi Dave, down for Ashby 20. Are you doing it 😀

      0 13 mins
    2. Handbrake

      Handbrake Great news Chris on all counts which 20 are you doing?

      0 28 mins
  6. Suejbev

    Suejbev Still only allowed to do 2 miles. Hopefully physio has identified the problem and the orthopaedic insoles will start helping.

    0 0 44 mins
  7. Baker79

    Baker79 Treated baby baker number 2 to his first afternoon run around the

    0 1 2 hrs
    1. Wozza1964

      Wozza1964 Looks like one very content Baker No 2 fella, good outing fella have you got one of those Go faster buggies

      0 46 mins
  8. Hazel

    Hazel Unplanned 20 min treadmill trot. Went to the gym to do an hour on the Wattbike but someone was using it. Managed this run and 30 mins weights before the bike, that’s what I call a bonus!!!

    0 2 250 2 hrs
    1. steve c

      steve c Looks a good session, especially when spending 30 minutes on the weights . Nice one 👍

      0 35 mins
    2. Strongjon

      Strongjon Great bonus Hazel well done

      0 2 hrs
  9. JO

    Jo123sie Really tough 3 miles pure cross country up and down, very cold

    0 0 517 2 hrs
  10. Beth

    Beth Well it was cold, damp, windy but I'm pleased with this one

    0 2 437 2 hrs
    1. Nick.Craig

      Nick.Craig Good effort getting out in horrible conditions 👍

      1 55 mins
    2. Martin Penrice

      Martin Penrice Be over the moon with this one

      1 2 hrs
  11. KenHunter

    KenHunter Wet and muddy park run today

    0 0 2 hrs
  12. Amanda

    Amanda GMM W9 R3 2mi leg loosener

    Run to daughter's feed cats run home. That's it, good luck to anyone else running an event tomorrow

    2 8 2 hrs
    1. KarlB

      KarlB Great way to blow 2 miles Amanda. Good luck, you'll smash it

      0 42 mins
    2. Nathalie R

      Nathalie R A nice multitasking run then! Enjoy tomorrow!

      0 43 mins
    3. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi Good luck you.. go smash it xx ps.. can you run to mine to feed my cats when I away ;)

      0 47 mins
  13. PotentialDwarf

    PotentialDwarf Very tired, but really enjoyed this one!


    0 0 341 2 hrs
  14. Gael01

    Gael01 Managed to get out over the back fields just before dusk. Saw a very calm deer and lovely full moon.

    Avoided this morning’s brief snow flurry but still proper cold: warm longs, t-shirt over the top, hat/gloves/buff

    2 6 2 hrs
    1. Nathalie R

      Nathalie R Winter is properly here for sure! Lovely picture of the deer Gael

      0 42 mins
    2. Vicky pixi

      Vicky pixi 😍😍

      0 47 mins
    3. Amanda

      Amanda This looks lovely, nice late afternoon run. Its lovely and cold just right

      0 2 hrs
  15. Lavinia Shann

    Lavinia Shann Don't know why I'm getting slower. :-((

    0 2 325 2 hrs
    1. Martin Penrice

      Martin Penrice Wouldn't bother to much about pace as long as you are enjoying it .

      0 12 mins
    2. Handbrake

      Handbrake cold weather takes it's toll on us all don't worry about it stick at the training you are doing great

      0 27 mins