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  1. JoWatson

    JoWatson Hilly 10M steady-ish. Had to keep reminding myself it's taper and to ease back. Even so, only 40s off my best time on this route. Warm and humid out today, and windy. Feeling good :)


    0 0 1369.1 6 mins
  2. anthony hughes

    anthony hughes Sewerby Parkrun. Arrived thinking steady 25 minutes is all I'm doing today but ex bug Bikergirls son said that's my PB, so said stick with me and you'll get a new one today. Paced him round to 24.26 taking over 30 seconds off, he was thrilled and came looking for me to shake hands before he left. So chuffed for him. Told him sub 24 next time, then realised that will be the day before York marathon so maybe not with me 😃

    0 0 722 6 mins
  3. Hardy77

    Hardy77 Best run in a long time, not the quickest but felt really good. No niggles or aches, and legs felt like they could just keep going. Was only going for 5, but extended it as it's not very often it just clicks.😀

    0 0 1019 10 mins
  4. Paulo Baigent

    Paulo Baigent Tempo run. Felt pretty good.

    0 0 15 mins
  5. Nathalie R

    Nathalie R The lunch box run

    Warm up 1mile then parkrun then I got given a food box by the Coop as they were having a promotional event in the park. Followed the 30min pacer and wasn't too far behind, so I'm happy with that as the last time I ran a 30-minute parkrun was 6 months ago! I'm now off to cook pesto spaghetti courtesy of the box!

    0 0 423 24 mins
  6. Mr. Pye

    Mr. Pye Running with a hangover (son,s a bad influence). Surprised I beat my Brother, closed a 50 metre lead with sprint to the finish and pipped him at the post, very satisfying.

    0 0 25 mins
  7. Tara1984

    Tara1984 Had a much better run today! I didn't seem to have any tummy upset this time and sickness bug seems to be better, was pleased with my pace

    0 0 242 31 mins
  8. Baz Taylor

    Baz Taylor Last ever Hatfield forest parkrun, work *** up means no Cotswold Way 1243.25/1500

    0 1 32 mins
    1. anthony hughes

      anthony hughes Wow, stunning pace mate, well ran 👍🏻😃

      0 5 mins
  9. Keri O

    Keri O 10min easy, 15min threshold, 10min easy.

    0 0 367 49 mins
  10. PL

    plady This was a good run . I worked hard and it paid off with a decent speed.

    0 0 551 54 mins
  11. Neil Hunneybell

    Neil Hunneybell Short hill run. First 2 mile up hill 3rd down hill rest all in flat. Ran down hill hard 5:45 pace

    0 1 427 54 mins
    1. Ruth Cleeves

      Ruth Cleeves That's a great pace Neil - well done

      0 31 mins
  12. Joanne

    Joanne Easier than last week- no mud or long grass.

    Beararizona wildlife park #route66challenge

    0 1 56 mins
    1. Ruth Cleeves

      Ruth Cleeves A great run into 'Bearizona' there J

      0 31 mins