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  1. Pepper Potts

    Pepper Potts Evening Run🏃‍♀️🌛


    0 1 165 5 hrs
    1. Pepper Potts
      0 5 hrs
  2. BE

    BexyMaxWales great morning for a run - and a fantastic route round Jackie O reservoir!

    0 0 305 8 hrs
  3. DA

    david cathersides Grim Up North half marathon at Kirkstall.

    0 0 1867 10 hrs
  4. FergieRuns

    FergieRuns It was very cold waiting for this race to start. Once I got into the race it felt good until about mile 11. After that my legs wanted to give up.

    I managed to warmup by mile 2 which was good. The field was busy and it took 2 miles to settle into the race.

    I’d better look for another hm in the new year.


    0 4 2092 10 hrs
    1. FergieRuns

      FergieRuns Nothing booked into yet. I need to have a look about for a couple in the new year. February and read moreMarch are normally good with the build up to London

      0 2 hrs
    2. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Nice of events to add the hills near the end, you have another in mind then

      0 2 hrs
    3. FergieRuns

      FergieRuns It was in Milton Keynes, the hills are saved for last when they are tired. There is a nasty climb at read moremile 9 and then it’s up and down to the finish line. By mile 11 my legs ran out of puff.

      0 2 hrs
  5. JO

    JogginJ Cold! ❄️❄️❄️

    0 0 11 hrs
  6. SLH

    SLH imported a run.


    0 0 385 11 hrs
  7. Jane

    Jane Lovely weather and easier than Thursdays 8 mile

    0 2 975 11 hrs
    1. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Good miles there, well done. Why not log the other run also, the more you post, the more support you read moreget. Hope the ankles are better by now.

      1 2 hrs
    2. Jilly

      Jilly Lovely long run Jane and weather definitely easier to run in yesterday 😊

      0 2 hrs