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  1. Shaun

    Shaun Evening run with the kids

    0 0 633 51 mins
  2. rob k

    rob k Hammering it round Looe with a couple of friends. Lovely evening to run and just passed the 1000 miles for the year.

    0 2 55 mins
    1. Richard Woodfield

      Richard Woodfield Zoom - great pace! Very impressive to pass 1000m still only in September.

      0 Now
    2. lizzy

      lizzy Congrats on the big miles for the year Rob and a very good chatty social run 😀

      0 11 mins
  3. Shaun

    Shaun Dinner running 🏃🏼

    0 0 518 56 mins
  4. Guernsey Girl

    Guernsey Girl De-frazzling from a stressful day. Physio after work good news, she doesn't want to see me again but must keep up the exercises as there's still some way to go. Run was all good. Now hand luggage packed and heading back home tomorrow.

    0 2 226 2 hrs
    1. rob k

      rob k Good stress buster. Hope your mum is ok

      0 21 mins
    2. Sharnie1

      Sharnie1 Great news from the physio - keep the discipline on the rehab - good destressing - have a safe trip read morehome and hope all is well with your mum x

      0 52 mins
  5. qprchelle

    qprchelle Hill training session with running club

    0 0 433 2 hrs
  6. mdk

    mdk Evening run to thornwell - felt good

    0 0 2 hrs
  7. davidfield

    davidfield Very pleasant club run. Cool evening and managed to avoid the predicted rain.


    0 0 944 2 hrs
  8. Mandip73

    Mandip73 Midweek 10. A mixture of hill repeats & Fartlek miles! :)


    0 0 1415.9 2 hrs
  9. LL

    lloydy10 marathon training , best ive felt for a week or so breathing coming back , not long to go!!!


    0 0 276 2 hrs
  10. Tara1984

    Tara1984 My first run since getting back from holiday in Rhodes. I was intending to run on holiday but it was just too hot! I didn't have a great run tonight. I was feeling sick again just before heading out, I had a sickness bug on holiday and it seems that it hasn't cleared up. Supposed to be doing a local half marathon on Sunday but I don't know if that can happen if I have a dodgy stomach :(

    0 0 332 2 hrs