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  1. Denise

    Denise Half hour 5k run and half hour strength session with personal trainer. Running club 10k group session. Feeling the burn now!

  2. jenniewren

    jenniewren Quick walk round the block


  3. jenniewren

    jenniewren Scenic walk with husband :)


  4. jenniewren

    jenniewren First post-flu run, slow but happy to get back out :)


  5. teresa walton

    teresa walton Wk4 day1 x easy pace run with Maggie


    1. teresa walton

      teresa walton New harness x

      0 2 hrs
  6. Handbrake

    Handbrake Up early for speed work....mistake icy in the park struggled to find an ice free straight so used a straight and hairpin bend to get distance on a reasonable level of grip. warm up@8.17m/m 4x 240m reps @6m/m and cool down @7.44m/m pace. Slower than normal but conditions dictated pace today

    1. IPS Mildew wolf

      IPS Mildew wolf Slower is allowed in icy times. Still great work though and far better than not doing it. Well done. read moreYou have any events coming up

      0 57 mins
  7. sgonen

    sgonen Damn the flu! Come on bears!

  8. Richard Lait

    Richard Lait Enjoyed the last couple miles, but not the first couple

    0 0 624 2 hrs
  9. KA

    KatrinaLVH first run of the year, struggled!